It’s “Prime Time” for Table Services, Folks!

Well, I knew that our four finalists were evenly matched, my friends, but I never expected what happened yesterday.

50’s Prime Time ran off to an early, and big, lead.  It never looked back!

Well, actually, it did.  It had to.  Be Our Guest was chasing it with the intensity of a hungry wolverine!

Nevertheless, 50’s held off the Magic Kingdom champion and locked down the WDW title!


A plate of “Prime Time” chicken as displayed on Disney’s site!

One of our readers summed up this unexpected victory best by saying, “Imagine that. A half-day Park with the #1 rated WDW restaurant!”

Pat Jeanetti of the Mickey Dudes Podcast added, “50’s has it all!  Great food, cast, and prices.”  He cheered Prime Time on all week.

In the end, you, the fans have spoken …

50’s Prime Time?  You are the WDW Fans’ Favorite WDW Parks Table Service Restaurant!  Congratulations to the “champ”!

VOTE! It’s the Grand ‘Parks Table Service’ Finale!

Another day of spirited voting yesterday, folks!  Thanks for the great work!  What did we achieve in Round 2?

Well, first, we’ve delivered four equally-strong restaurants into today’s final “match”.  Second, we’ve ousted another park champion!

Poor Rose & Crown.  You’ll always have your amazing, upset, victory in the Epcot tournament, though.  That should console you!

Today, we’re left with four.  You get to vote for ONE.  Who will win, folks?   We need a Parks champion.  Let’s elect one!  VOTE!

Round 2 of Parks Table Services is Here! It’s Our Exceptional Eight! VOTE!

Holy smokes!  You all rocked it out yesterday, my friends!  Over 1,000 votes cast in Round 1!  Wow!

What are we left with, then?  Eight excellent Table Services and one fallen champion, that’s what!

Sadly, my friends, Animal Kingdom’s victor has been shut out of the competition.  Poor Tusker House.  In fact, every venue from Animal Kingdom lost yesterday!

So.  Where do we go from here?  Below, I present you with TWO groups of FOUR restaurants.


I have to warn you … no particular arrangement of these eight would have changed the fact that our choices will NOT be easy today.

And, what is our task?  You can VOTE for TWO restaurants in each group.  Cast FOUR total votes today!

When all is said and done, the Top 2 restaurants in each group will move on to our Fantastic Finale.  They’ll be our Fabulous Four!

Don’t hold back, folks.  VOTE!  Tell your friends, too.  Have them vote!  What a great competition, so far!  I can’t wait to see the finish!

WDW Main Street – Episode #321 – Seeding the WDW Parks Table Service Poll!

Join Doug, Dennis, John, and I as we seed the upcoming WDW Parks Table Service Poll!

We’ve crowned “champions” for each of the four parks, folks.  But, which dining venue will become the WDW Fans’ Favorite WDW Parks Table Service?  Listen to our “kickoff” show at …

WDW Main Street – Episode #321 – Seeding the WDW Parks Table Service Poll!


Parks Table Services? It’s Time to Crown the Champion of Champions! VOTE in Round 1!

Yes, my friends!  Welcome back to the arena of Walt Disney World’s Parks Table Service Restaurants!  Why?  Well, it’s time to crown the champions of champions!

Over the past couple of months, you’ve voted your hearts out as we’ve elected “fan favorites” for each of Walt Disney World’s parks.  Our reigning champions include:

  • Tusker House Restaurant – Animal Kingdom
  • 50’s Prime Time Café – Hollywood Studios
  • Be Our Guest Restaurant – Magic Kingdom
  • Rose & Crown Pub & Dining Room – Epcot

Will one of these fine establishments reach out and grab the overall WDW “title”?  Or, will some Wild Card rise up from among the masses to grab the “gold”?  It’s time to find out!

Rose & Crown

Below, I present you with FOUR groups of FIVE restaurants, each.  The groups are made up of the “cream of the crop”.  These were the highest vote-getters from each individual tournament.

Your job, today, is to VOTE for your TWO favorite restaurants in each group.  In other words, you can cast as many as EIGHT votes today!

And, hey!  If you feel that you can’t vote for a “favorite”, per se, then please vote for the Table Service that you’d like to visit on an upcoming trip!

Oh, and tell your friends, folks!  The more votes, the merrier!  Get going, everyone!  VOTE!