“Dining” Recon(?): Raglan Road™ Irish Pub and Restaurant

Well, I’ll say one thing for us … when it comes to Downtown Disney, we know what we like.

Clearly, our hearts lie with Ireland!  And, the word “landslide” doesn’t even start to describe Raglan Road’s victory.

Master Chef Kevin Dundon’s authentic Irish pub retains its crown!  It is the All in WDW Readers’ Favorite Downtown Disney Table Service!

Photo Mar 10, 12 16 21 PM

You know, when an attraction, resort, or dining establishment wins one of All in WDW’s polls, I usually congratulate it with some glowing comments or an honorary pictorial … or, both!

Today, in Raglan’s case, I’m going to have to break with that “tradition” a bit.  What?  Really?

Late last year, when the pub won this tourney the first time, I said, “Raglan is one place that Mrs. All in WDW and I have missed, so far, and, evidently, that is a mistake that we’ll have to remedy in the very near future.  Trust me, we’ll take your advice!”

We did … at the best time of the year (we thought).

Photo Mar 10, 12 15 25 PM

In search of a quick beer and a snack, we stopped in this past March during St. Patrick’s Week!

Reception was pleasant enough.  It was a bit before Noon, and, right then, ADRs weren’t a necessity.

Photo Mar 10, 12 17 37 PM

The restaurant was yet-to-be filled.

Photo Mar 10, 12 17 28 PM

But, we were drawn to Raglan’s patio!

Photo Mar 10, 12 17 46 PM

We were hoping to sit at their outdoor bar.  The hostess invited us to grab a seat!  As you can see, there was plenty of room.  But, within minutes, two other parties joined us.

Photo Mar 10, 12 17 57 PM

This is where our disappointment began.  Have you ever gone into a restaurant and sat forever waiting for someone to stop by to provide you with service?  Uh, yeah.  That’s what happened to us that day.

In fairness, it was early in their business day … but, in our defense, we were told we could sit and be served at the bar.

We even stopped a server or two as they walked past from patio tables to restaurant entrance and asked if they could bring us a beverage.  Alas, they claimed they weren’t allowed.  We had to wait for a bartender.  Who we could see lurking around behind the indoor bar!

No luck!  As a result, here’s my beer …

Photo Mar 10, 12 21 17 PM

OK.  So that’s where my beer should have been.  It was pretty frustrating and very disappointing.  Especially since everyone else seemed to be having fun in the sun!

Photo Mar 10, 12 18 23 PM

After about 20 minutes, we gave up.  The other two parties at the bar looked like they were bound to stick around, but we hit the gift shop and decided our “lunch” would have to come from somewhere down the Sassagoula River.

Photo Mar 10, 12 17 21 PM

It’s too bad, too, as we were looking forward to trying Raglan’s fare.  I think we both had our eyes set on a serving of genuine fish & chips!

Photo Mar 10, 12 22 15 PM

Has our opinion of Raglan Road been soured forever?  I don’t think so.  Every restaurant has a “bad day”.  I’m not sure if we’ll run back for another “go” in the immediate future, however.

Having said that, given the pub’s popularity, I, at least, would still like to dine there.  As we’ve run our polls over the last two years, few restaurants have dominated their competition as thoroughly as has Raglan.  If it’s that good, I have to try it!

Our final Downtown Disney dinner? No, it’s just the “Big Finale”! Vote!

Good morning, folks!  What a turnout yesterday!  Thanks for your support.  Let’s do it one more time … today!

What a close vote in Group #2!  Fulton’s Crab House, Wolfgang Puck® Grand Cafe, and Downtown Disney’s Rainforest Cafe® spent most of Thursday in a three-way brawl for supremacy.  Even Bongos tried to keep up with the action.


In the end, a clear victor didn’t emerge from amongst that four.  We just achieved a definite, “These two restaurants squeaked out the highest number of votes in this group, so get it over with and put them into the finale, Bob!”  It was razor-close.  Go back and take a look!

But, afterwards, don’t forget to come back and name your “champ”.  You have to ‘weigh in’ one last time!  Expectations for a forgone conclusion or not, this party isn’t over until the last vote is cast!  VOTE!

Dive into Dinner! VOTE! It’s “Disney’s Downtown Dining Delights” – Round 2!

Early in the voting yesterday, one of our Facebook friends (Heather) said, “I’m calling it for Raglan Road right now!”  Well, that would be a repeat, I responded.  This morning, I’ll add …

Heather, you may very well be right.  But, folks, that’s not going to happen until the rest of the “games” are played.

So, now that we’re down to eight remaining contestants, let’s get on with the game!  Which restaurant is going to go for an upset?

Fultons Crab

Vote for ONE in each group.  The Top 2 in each group will move into the Finale!  VOTE!  Tell your friends!  The more votes the better!


VOTE! Disney’s Downtown Dining Delights – Round 1

Happy Wednesday, everyone!  Only one thing stands between us and our first-ever effort to name an All in WDW Readers’ Favorite WDW Table Service Restaurant.  And, what might that be?  Downtown Disney.

That’s right.  We’re going to pick amongst all of WDW’s resort, parks, and Downtown Disney table service options to build ourselves a Top 10 list of delicious destinations to sit, relax, and dine!  And, we’re going to “crown” a WDW “champion”!

But, first.  What are our Downtown Disney favorites?

Paradiso 37

You know how it goes … vote for ONE in each group.  The Top 2 in each group will move into the 2nd Round!  Now, VOTE!  Pass the word, by the way.  The more the merrier!


Raglan Trivia! – The Answers

Good morning, my friends!  How did you do on yesterday’s “quiz” questions?  Were they too tough?  Or, did you “knock them out of the park”?

Well, Raglan Road Irish Pub and Restaurant opened in Pleasure Island in October of 2005.  It replaced the Pleasure Island Jazz Company … which, by the way, had already replaced a food court called Merriweather’s Market.  Merriweather’s had operated from 1989–1993.  The Pleasure Island Jazz Company, true to its name, was a club that featured live jazz musicians.

Oh, and for the record, the other choices were “legit” (once upon a time) Downtown Disney locations, as well.  Baton Rouge Lounge and Steerman’s Quarters were subdivisions of The Empress Lilly – an authentic recreation of a 19th-century paddle steamer boat.  The Empress Lilly was replaced by Fulton’s Crab House.  The Fireworks Factory was a ‘pyrotechnics-themed’ restaurant that operated from 1989–1997.  I would have loved to see that one!

Thanks for all your support over the last few days, my friends.  Mrs. All in WDW and I have learned quite a few lessons on our journey through Downtown Disney over the last week or so.  There’s just so much more there to see, do, and eat than we have, to this point, ever realized.  We certainly need to go there and spend some “quality time” as soon as we can!

See you tomorrow!

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