Grab a [Pictorial] Taste of Tusker House!

That’s what you recommended yesterday, at least.  Apparently, when it comes to Disney’s Animal Kingdom, we all need to grab a taste of this colorful Harambe eatery!

Wow!  What a landslide!  The vote wasn’t anywhere near close!  Tusker ran out to an early lead and never looked back!


There’s bound to be a bit of controversy, of course.  Why?  Well, plenty of Guests prefer Asia’s (2nd Place finishing) Yak & Yeti Restaurant.

In fact, I’m going to bet that my partner, Doug Davis, is going to have a few choice opinions to share on our next podcast.  Watch for the next episode of WDW Main Street!

In the meantime, your decision has been rendered.  Tusker House Restaurant – the buffet busting with African flavors – is the WDW Fans’ Favorite Animal Kingdom Restaurant!

From salads and cheeses to breads and meats, this place has it all!  And, tables and tables of desserts?  Yum!

Let’s celebrate, shall we?  To this point unpublished, please savor this pictorial “taste” of Tusker House!  This is the type of fare you’ll find at your Animal Kingdom “champion”!















Choose Your “Favorite Animal Kingdom Table Service”! VOTE!

Good morning, my friends!  Happy Monday!  Hey, we haven’t run a Favorites poll in so long, I’m very anxious to get down to business!

But, first!  Have you noticed the subtle changes appearing on the web site?  No?  Well, let me spread some of All in WDW’s fantastic news.

Look at the site’s title and you’ll notice a new tag line.  It’s All in WDW, that’s for sure.  But, now, we’re the “Official Home of the WDW Main Street Podcast”!

It’s true, folks.  The “Disney Summit of the Century” yielded a phenomenal result!  The “Disney Collaboration of the Century”!  In fact, dare I say, it’s a magical merger?

You want your Disney “fix”?  Well, read the stories and see the pictures, right here, on All in WDW!  Then, listen to the WDW Main Street Podcast – “The Official Podcast of All in WDW”!

Welcome to AK!

OK.  So, what are we up to today?  That’s right!  Let’s tackle some table services.  In the first installment of our run through Walt Disney World’s parks, let’s elect the WDW Fans’ Favorite Animal Kingdom Table Service!

Below, I present you with Animal Kingdom’s four sit-down dining options.  VOTE for your favorite!  Of these, where do you want to enjoy your next “Animal-riffic” meal?  VOTE!

Who Loves Lobster Rolls?! Who Loves Crew’s Cup Lounge?!

Good Saturday, my friends!  Welcome back to All in WDW!  I know.  Where have I been all week?  Busy, busy, busy.  Sometimes “real” life just plain consumes your days!

Now, I know, by now, you’ve seen my picture of Food & Wine 16’s New England Lobster Roll.  No?  Well, here it is again …

2016's "loaded" Lobster Roll

A relatively small “bite”, like I have in the past, I found it to be “Just OK”.  How can I not love a lobster roll, you ask?

Hey, I’ve many-times claimed, in print and over the “pod-waves”, that I don’t like my lobster served ice cold!  Give me a freshly-cooked, and hot, lobster and some drawn butter.  Then, I’m happy.

In spite of all that, though, I keep sampling different “roll” recipes across Disney property.  It is lobster, after all!



So, enter the Yacht Club’s Crew’s Cup Lounge!  They serve, you guessed it, a New England-style Lobster Roll!



How was it, you ask?  Well, sadly, the pictures make it look a bit bigger than it really was.  I will give the crew, this, though … it was a lot of lobster!  Worth $19.00?  Hmmm.

Served chilled (of course) on a butter-toasted (hot dog-sized) roll with your choice of vegetable orzo salad or chips, I found it to be – don’t hate me – “Just OK”.

We’ve been to Crew’s Cup Lounge many times over the years, my friends.  It’s one of our most-favorite spots.  Truthfully, regardless of the verdict, I’m very glad I tried their lobster.

When it comes to our next visit, however, I’m going to stick with the Cup’s $14 Shaved Beef Sandwich.  Very delicious!  If you want to see a picture of it, click back to this post!

See ya’ real soon, folks!

“Dining” Recon(?): Raglan Road™ Irish Pub and Restaurant

Well, I’ll say one thing for us … when it comes to Downtown Disney, we know what we like.

Clearly, our hearts lie with Ireland!  And, the word “landslide” doesn’t even start to describe Raglan Road’s victory.

Master Chef Kevin Dundon’s authentic Irish pub retains its crown!  It is the All in WDW Readers’ Favorite Downtown Disney Table Service!

Photo Mar 10, 12 16 21 PM

You know, when an attraction, resort, or dining establishment wins one of All in WDW’s polls, I usually congratulate it with some glowing comments or an honorary pictorial … or, both!

Today, in Raglan’s case, I’m going to have to break with that “tradition” a bit.  What?  Really?

Late last year, when the pub won this tourney the first time, I said, “Raglan is one place that Mrs. All in WDW and I have missed, so far, and, evidently, that is a mistake that we’ll have to remedy in the very near future.  Trust me, we’ll take your advice!”

We did … at the best time of the year (we thought).

Photo Mar 10, 12 15 25 PM

In search of a quick beer and a snack, we stopped in this past March during St. Patrick’s Week!

Reception was pleasant enough.  It was a bit before Noon, and, right then, ADRs weren’t a necessity.

Photo Mar 10, 12 17 37 PM

The restaurant was yet-to-be filled.

Photo Mar 10, 12 17 28 PM

But, we were drawn to Raglan’s patio!

Photo Mar 10, 12 17 46 PM

We were hoping to sit at their outdoor bar.  The hostess invited us to grab a seat!  As you can see, there was plenty of room.  But, within minutes, two other parties joined us.

Photo Mar 10, 12 17 57 PM

This is where our disappointment began.  Have you ever gone into a restaurant and sat forever waiting for someone to stop by to provide you with service?  Uh, yeah.  That’s what happened to us that day.

In fairness, it was early in their business day … but, in our defense, we were told we could sit and be served at the bar.

We even stopped a server or two as they walked past from patio tables to restaurant entrance and asked if they could bring us a beverage.  Alas, they claimed they weren’t allowed.  We had to wait for a bartender.  Who we could see lurking around behind the indoor bar!

No luck!  As a result, here’s my beer …

Photo Mar 10, 12 21 17 PM

OK.  So that’s where my beer should have been.  It was pretty frustrating and very disappointing.  Especially since everyone else seemed to be having fun in the sun!

Photo Mar 10, 12 18 23 PM

After about 20 minutes, we gave up.  The other two parties at the bar looked like they were bound to stick around, but we hit the gift shop and decided our “lunch” would have to come from somewhere down the Sassagoula River.

Photo Mar 10, 12 17 21 PM

It’s too bad, too, as we were looking forward to trying Raglan’s fare.  I think we both had our eyes set on a serving of genuine fish & chips!

Photo Mar 10, 12 22 15 PM

Has our opinion of Raglan Road been soured forever?  I don’t think so.  Every restaurant has a “bad day”.  I’m not sure if we’ll run back for another “go” in the immediate future, however.

Having said that, given the pub’s popularity, I, at least, would still like to dine there.  As we’ve run our polls over the last two years, few restaurants have dominated their competition as thoroughly as has Raglan.  If it’s that good, I have to try it!