Braised Beef Short Rib Alert! Dining With The Captain!

As often as Mrs. All in WDW and I find new things to do in WDW – and we do with each and every trip – we also tend to gravitate back to family favorites.

Take the Yacht Club’s Captain’s Grille, for example.  Whether it’s for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, we love this not-well-known and under-appreciated Table Service restaurant.


Why?  Well, for one, we can almost always get a seat!  Oh, in busy times, ADRs are still a good idea, but we often just walk right in!

Of course, there’s an even more important reason to dine at “the Captain’s table” …


Over the last few years, when asked, I have been very vocal that this spot’s Cabernet-braised Short Rib with Creamy [Sweet Corn] Risotto is my absolute favorite meal on Disney property.

The beef is “fall apart” tender.  The risotto is divine.  I have to confess … each and every time we visit the Captain, I order this meal.  If he ever took it off his menu, I’d be devastated!

Of course, the Captain has plenty of other dinner options to choose from among …


On this particular visit, for instance, Mrs. All in WDW was enticed by the restaurant’s Market Fish.  A perfectly-cooked piece of corvina over a Portuguese stew, she found it simply delicious.


My friends, I think it’s pretty obvious.  My family would highly recommend to your family that you visit the Captain.  Add him to your future list of ADRs.

In fact, follow this plan … start your experience with another of my all-time favorites – a Disney Habanero Lime Margarita.


Then, finish with the most delicious, fork-tender piece of braised beef you’ll ever eat.  You won’t be sorry!  Bon appetit, my friends.  I’ll se ya’ tomorrow!