“Menu” Recon: Spice Road Table … Another Return Visit?

What have you done, Spice Road Table?!  What have you done?

I just announced to “The World” – via the WDW Main Street Podcast – that you had become one of my very-favorite Epcot table service venues!  Hah!  What bad timing, on my part!

What am I ranting about, folks?  Well, Spice Road has “tweaked” their menu … in a very bad way, in our opinion.

When Mrs. All in WDW and I last visited Morocco’s relatively brand-new waterside restaurant, we had a great lunch.  Take a look back at my last “recon”!

Mrs. All in WDW really enjoyed their Mix Grill Skewers.


At $12, they were a delicious bargain, as far as she was concerned.  Hey!  I was sad that I didn’t try them myself!

Me?  I went with Spice’s Tingis Sampler.  A combination of Lamb Slider, Harissa Chicken Roll, and Lamb Sausage, it was a $16 delight!  A terrific trio!


So, OK.  What’s my gripe?  Well, on our last visit to Epcot, we stopped in for some of those yummy skewers.  What did we find?  Disappointment.

You see, Spice Road Table has recently “re-furbed” their menu.  The sampler platters, both the Tingis and the Mogador (mussels, salted cod, and calamari), are gone!

If I were to want my slider, chicken roll, and sausage now, I’d have to buy them separately for a sum of $25!  Yikes!  From $16 to $25?

Good thing I went there for the Mix Grill Skewers, eh?  Nope.  Think again.

Look, I don’t know if the serving size is bigger or not … because we didn’t stay to find out.  Why?  Morocco has added rosemary-roasted potatoes to the dish, called it an entree as opposed to an appetizer, and re-priced the skewers at a whopping $28!  $28?  Wow!  It was $12!

You saw my post yesterday, my friends.  Rose & Crown Pub & Dining Room’s Bangers and Mash is a fantastic and delicious $16 lunch.

Given the choice between a midday visit to Rose & Crown or Spice Road Table, our choice in the future is, without question, going to be the United Kingdom’s table service.

Lunch at $16?  Yeah, that, I can see.  Lunch at nearly $30?  I’m sorry, Spice Road.  Not for us.