Episode 497 – Our Sunday News … and Doug’s Fantastic Trip Report!

Hey, folks!  Pull up your bar stools at the Main Street Pub with Doug, John, and myself as we discuss all of the latest news from around WDW!

And, that’s not all … Doug just got back from Orlando.  Don’t you want to hear about his trip to “The World”?

How happy was Doug with his beloved Port Orleans-Riverside?  Where did he and John go for lunch?  Were Bangers and Mash on the menu?  Where did Doug and his lovely wife go for their anniversary dinner?  Did they enjoy their week in the parks?

Grab yourself a cold one, my friends.  This is a nice, long, jam-packed episode!  Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!  Catch it all at …

Episode 497 – Our Sunday News … and Doug’s Fantastic Trip Report!

“The World’s” Best Garlic Shrimp? It’s Spice Road Table!

Happy Friday, everyone!  I feel like it’s “Doug Davis Week” on the web site, my friends!

After yesterday’s nautical tribute to Skipper Doug’s Sassagoula River Cruise, we return, today, with one of his all-time favorite Disney dishes!  Where can it be found, you ask?

Spice Road Table.  Found on the edge of World Showcase Lagoon and across from Epcot’s Moroccan Pavilion, it’s an unheralded Table Service restaurant.

Oh, I’ve definitely been pretty critical of the place.  At first, Mrs. All in WDW and I really enjoyed their service and cuisine.

Their Mix Grill Skewers are (were?) phenomenal, for example.  It was the venues entry into the Disney Dining Plan and massive price inflation of those skewers that drove us away, however.

Undeterred, though, Doug continues, to this day, to coax us back for what he feels is their very best dish.  It is something that he always aims to have when he visits “The World” – Spicy Garlic Shrimp!

Sautéed shrimp with dried chilies and fried garlic, Doug swears by the absolute “delicious-ness” of this Mediterranean delight.  It is a $10.99 small plate, and he’d say it’s worth every penny.

Of course, the shrimp isn’t all he’d recommend.  Served, here, with a single Lamb Slider, we find another morsel on his “to-do” list – Hummus Fries!

You can buy the fries, alone, as a $8.99 small plate or, of course, sample them with Spice’s sliders.  Buy a plate of three of those for $24.99.

In closing, I’ll say this … Doug has never steered Mrs. All in WDW and I wrong.  That being the case, I guess we’ll have to give Spice Road Table another chance.  Shrimp and fries?  Here we come!

Note: my thanks to avid WDW Main Street listener and All in WDW reader – Judith – for pictures of the shrimp, lamb, and fries!

WDW Main Street – Episode #338 – Our Weekly News!

Doug, Dennis, and I gather at the Main Street Pub to discuss this week’s Walt Disney World news!

Plus, it’s time to build out the WDW Main Street Pub menu!  Folks, from appetizers, entrees, desserts, and drinks, we’ve got all our favorites.

What items are we serving?  Join us to find out!  Listen to …

WDW Main Street – Episode #338 – Our Weekly News!

All you can eat crab legs? Mmm. Must be Cape May Cafe!

WDW Main Street – Episode #314 – Sunday News, an Epcot “Champion”, and Great Beer!

Join Doug, Dennis, and John for an epic journey through this week’s news.  Stick around and they’ll also discuss our recently-completed Epcot Table Service poll!

WDW Main Street – Episode #314 – Sunday News, an Epcot “Champion”, and Great Beer!

Meanwhile, where was I?  Well, Mrs. All in WDW and I were on a “field trip” to Nashville.  What did we discover?  Nashville serves great beer!

This one’s for Doug (who loves this stuff!) and John (the aficionado who introduced it to him).  Enjoy, boys!



A Wild Ride! A Fish and Chips Finish!

Good morning, folks!  Have you voted yourself into exhaustion?  Better yet, after thinking about all those restaurants this week, are you starving for Epcot cuisine?

On behalf of myself and the WDW Main Street Podcast, thanks for all your support and votes.  We know that it was a three-day marathon, and we appreciate your participation.  After all, without you, there would be no WDW Fans’ Favorites!

Before we formally acknowledge our winner, though, I’d like to take a minute to cover some history.  Either from podcast listeners or in comments received from you, our readers, I’ve been asked, “Which restaurants won last time?”

Fans, let me tell you this … for the most part, we are a very consistent bunch.  In fact, to one critical comment I received this week, I responded, “The cream usually rises to the top”.

Taking on Epcot and Disney’s Hollywood Studios, All in WDW made its first foray into Parks Table Services in 2013.  The victors?  Le Cellier and 50’s Prime Time Cafe for their individual parks.

For whatever reason, we didn’t return to the topic until 2014.  Then, at least, we covered all four parks, naming 50’s Prime Time, Be Our Guest, and Tusker House as their respective Park’s “champions”.

What about Epcot?  Well, since those venues have been this week’s focus, let me give you a little more detail.

2014’s Final Four was the same as those in this week’s Finale.  Interestingly, however, Via Napoli trounced 2013’s favorite by a whopping 35 vote margin!  Poor Le Cellier.

Fast forward back to 2016, and we’ve, now, reaffirmed Be Our Guest and Tusker House as two-time “champs”.  50’s Prime Time is a three-time winner!

But, here, in the most competitive park of all … in the park that boasts 19 Table Service options, we have named, yet, a third “favorite” – Rose & Crown Pub & Dining Room – as the 2016 WDW Fans’ Favorite Epcot Table Service!

Mmm. Love those Fish 'n Chips!

Mmm. Love those Fish ‘n Chips!

A bit of a surprise winner, for sure, it just testifies to the fact that, of all the parks, Epcot owns the best collection of sit-down dining choices.  Is Rose the precious jewel of Epcot cuisine?  Well, yes, say you – our readers and listeners!  Congratulations, Rose & Crown.  You reign supreme!

To hear our reaction, catch both episodes of the WDW Main Street Podcast this week.  They’ll drop today and Wednesday, and I’m sure we’ll all have plenty to say!