A Mini “Tutorial”: Doing Character Meet and Greets … as an Adult!

By John Peters

Let’s face it, folks, if you’re spending your vacation at Walt Disney World without kids, you’re a big kid yourself!

My wife and I live in the Central Florida area, and we choose to spend every vacation at Disney!  It gives us a chance to escape the stress of the “real world” and just have fun.

As an adult couple touring the parks, we do things a little different than those “Commando Families” you hear about – in the parks from dawn ’til after Midnight.  We set a much slower pace.

We take time to see more shows, enjoy dining out more often, and even hit some of The World’s better lounges and bars.  However, one thing we still enjoy is meeting Disney’s characters!

Hey!  No matter how hot it is, who just cut you off in line, or if your Soarin’ FastPass+ didn’t work, you can’t meet Mickey Mouse and not come away happy!

If you’re like us, and decide to do character Meet and Greets as an adult, try to keep these guidelines in mind …

1. There will be children.  If misbehaving children or crying babies drive you nuts, maybe this isn’t the activity for you.

2. Don’t be rude … but, don’t be surprised if others are.  Sometimes, kids butt in front of you!

3. Remember to have fun!  Going to WDW is about escaping everyday stress, so, no matter what you face while you’re waiting to have your picture taken with Goofy, relax and enjoy yourself!

Epcot “Flash” Report: It’s a Merry Mickey Christmas!

Is it too late to post a Christmas picture?  Especially if it’s this one?  No?  OK!


Four of my favorite things all in one shot!  Spaceship Earth, the Monorail, Mickey, and Christmas!  Now, I know what my iPhone wallpaper will be this time next year!

Hey! You’re Hot Stuff, Mickey!

Don’t you just love it when your neighborhood grocery store gets in on Disney’s action?  Well, an All in WDW “high five” goes out to Kroger.  That is, to our local Kroger, at least.  Check out this stash of treasure!


From cups to plates and waffle makers to cookie jars, you name it, they got it!  So, what couldn’t I resist?  Can you believe that I’ve never owned a coffee warmer?


Mrs. All in WDW would tell you that I’ve never poured a cup of coffee that I didn’t let go ice cold.  Well, this little gem hits the spot.  Not only does it keep my coffee warm, it keeps it steaming hot!

Hot.  Just like Mickey!  And, you know what else is “hot”?  This week’s episode of the WDW Main Street Podcast!  Hey!  I’m not just saying that because I’m the guest.

Yes, fans, Doug’s partner, Dennis Conroy, was off on assignment, and I “bought out” the bar for a solo engagement with the eminent Mr. Davis.  All in WDW on WDW Main Street?  Get it right here!


Holiday (Disney) Cheer at … Publix?!

You have to love it when your local stores “step their Disney game up” a bit.

You know what I mean.  How many of you have found a Mickey waffle maker at CVS?  Have you seen the avalanche of Disney-related merchandise offered at Target?

Well, this little contribution to Disney holiday spirit was a bit of a surprise to us.



Do you use reusable grocery bags? We don’t use them nearly as much as we should, but these might get us to step our game up!  Way to go, Publix!