A Mini “Tutorial”: Doing Character Meet and Greets … as an Adult!

By John Peters

Let’s face it, folks, if you’re spending your vacation at Walt Disney World without kids, you’re a big kid yourself!

My wife and I live in the Central Florida area, and we choose to spend every vacation at Disney!  It gives us a chance to escape the stress of the “real world” and just have fun.

As an adult couple touring the parks, we do things a little different than those “Commando Families” you hear about – in the parks from dawn ’til after Midnight.  We set a much slower pace.

We take time to see more shows, enjoy dining out more often, and even hit some of The World’s better lounges and bars.  However, one thing we still enjoy is meeting Disney’s characters!

Hey!  No matter how hot it is, who just cut you off in line, or if your Soarin’ FastPass+ didn’t work, you can’t meet Mickey Mouse and not come away happy!

If you’re like us, and decide to do character Meet and Greets as an adult, try to keep these guidelines in mind …

1. There will be children.  If misbehaving children or crying babies drive you nuts, maybe this isn’t the activity for you.

2. Don’t be rude … but, don’t be surprised if others are.  Sometimes, kids butt in front of you!

3. Remember to have fun!  Going to WDW is about escaping everyday stress, so, no matter what you face while you’re waiting to have your picture taken with Goofy, relax and enjoy yourself!

Love Pours Out For All in WDW’s Hall of Famers!

Stunning response, my friends!  Simply phenomenal.  What an outpouring of love you displayed yesterday!  Both of All in WDW’s “Hall of Fame” members have your undeniable support.

Going back to yesterday’s polls – they’re still open if you want to weigh in, folks – I, first, asked you … Frozen Ever After or Maelstrom?  Which do you prefer?


The verdict, as of this morning?  Well, about 61% of you threw your support to the original Norwegian adventure!  Vikings, trolls, and polar bears rejoice!

Next, we welcomed the Celtic rock band – Off Kilter – into All in WDW’s annals of renown.  Do you think they belong in our “Hall of Fame”?

Landslide!  To date, over 76% of you believe that this much-missed Epcot entertainment option deserves their place of honor!  Congratulations, Off Kilter!  Bring them back, Disney!

Thanks, again, for your participation, everyone.  We’ll be back – with more food! – really soon!

Look Out! It’s an Off Kilter Frozen Maelstrom!

Huh!  What in Walt Disney World are you talking about, Bob?  Off Kilter?  Frozen?  Maelstrom?!

OK.  So, it’s not all about food here at All in WDW, now, is it?  We do talk about other stuff!

Take attractions, for instance.  Hey!  All in WDW’s annual attraction polls ‘kick off’  in less than two months!  Can you believe it, folks!

Anyway, back to today’s topics … a few months ago, I got my first chance to enjoy Disney’s new darling – Epcot’s Frozen Ever After.


The “After” … pun intended.

After arriving right at opening ‘bell’, at 11 AM one morning, I avoided the day’s intolerably long line and successfully ventured though queue and ride in under 30 minutes.

My friends, I was unimpressed.  Oh, yes, the effects are fantastic.  For me, however, was it a mind-blowing experience that I cannot wait to repeat? No, it was not.

All right.  All right.  Full disclosure. I’m an admitted Maelstrom fan.


All in WDW’s beloved “Before”. We miss you, Maelstrom!

In fact, on February 24, 2015, I granted that classic attraction entry to All in WDW’s “Hall of Fame”!  To date, it’s still the hall’s only resident.

Well, Disney fans, that fact changes today!  Let me introduce the newest member of All in WDW’s annals of renown!  Please welcome the Celtic rock band – Off Kilter!

Always loved, and very much missed, Off Kilter was formed in 1997 and played in Epcot until their last performance on September 27, 2014.

Disney has tried several replacements since that time, but the buzz amongst us in the “Disney-sphere” always come back to this popular quintet.  Bring them back, Epcot!

Well, Disney might not value you any longer, Off Kilter, but All in WDW does.  Enjoy your spot in our “Hall of Fame”!

Before you go, folks, please weigh in with your thoughts and opinions by responding to the polls below.  Frozen or Maelstrom?  Off Kilter?  What do you think?!

B-r-r-r! The Fjording Has Been Frozen!

In case you haven’t heard, or seen, Norway has been “Frozen”.  And, I’m not talking about Maelstrom’s retirement either.

In fact, when I say it has been frozen, I mean that a chunk of the pavilion has been turned into a rock solid glacier.  Check it out!

The Fjording has been buried under an avalanche of Elsa, Anna, and Olaf!