“Dining” Recon: Backlot Express Restaurant

Kudos to gilanamia!  You are the All in WDW trivia champion for the day!  These barrels of condiment goodness?


They can be found in Disney’s Hollywood Studios at the Backlot Express Restaurant!



Dining “recons” are tricky.  They make for great pictures, but you’re not always hungry enough to eat.  Or, the restaurant isn’t open when you stroll on by!

When it came to this particular visit to Backlot, we had just had breakfast at Hollywood & Vine’s Trolley Car Café.  Remember that post from earlier this week?

Anyway, as it turns out, all this Studios Quick Service had to offer on this particular morning was a menu.


And, some great decor.  Plenty of seating at this little restaurant!





So, tell me folks.  How many of you have been to the Backlot Express Restaurant?


And, we need your advice!  If Mrs. All in WDW and I pay a visit when this eatery is open, what should we have?

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