Another Room with a View!

Some time back – about a year ago, in fact – I posted my OWN shot of Crescent Lake.

Taken from high atop Disney’s Yacht Club, it was OUR room with a view.  Stop back and take a look.

Well, thanks to family friend, and avid All in WDW reader, Will F., we get another angle on this very popular area.

Shot from his weekend “home” at the Dolphin, Will passed this along to me last Saturday.

Photo Nov 16, 7 33 48 AM

I just love the fact that he caught Spaceship Earth and Epcot on the horizon.  Plus, he timed one of my beloved Friendship boats passing under the bridge?

Outstanding picture, Will!  I hope you had a great trip!

Hey!  Do you have any especially picturesque photos that you’d like to see on All in WDW?

If so, send them to me at!

WDW Fans … What a Bunch of Operators!

So … how did you do on yesterday’s trivia question?  The most popular response was ‘3’.  Was that your answer?  Was that correct?  Inquiring minds need to know!

Across the Lagoon

In the Spaceship Earth scene in which telephone operators are displayed diligently connecting calls between waiting patrons, there are three (3) operators busily at work!

Geez, you Disney fans are super smart!  Hey!  Let me ask … can you solve this “extra credit” question too?

Of those very same three (3) operators, how many are seated?

Spaceship Earth Trivia … Again?

You betcha!  I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again …

Each time I enjoy a tour through Epcot’s iconic, silver sphere, I try to pick out some little detail that might make for a great trivia challenge.


Well, here’s another one to test your eyes for those little details!

Think about the scene in which telephone operators are displayed diligently connecting calls between waiting patrons.  How many operators are busily at work?

By the way, did you miss the last Spaceship Earth trivia challenge?  It’s still open!  Go here to test your memory with that question!  The answer was revealed here on the following day!

Retro Epcot?!

Digging through my files, I found this old, Christmas-time view of Epcot from World Showcase.

Retro Epcot

I just love the way I caught the lagoon, Christmas tree, Spaceship Earth, and clouds.  Don’t you?

With the holidays around the corner, it leads me to ask … have you ever visited The World at Christmas?  What are your favorite memories?

The BIG Answer – SSE Trivia Revealed!

Do you know just how hard it is to take a picture inside Spaceship Earth?  It’s awful!  Way too dark!  Otherwise, I would have a genuine shot of Spaceship Earth’s very first scene to present to you today!

SSE Cavemen

We’ll have to settle for the above cave drawings.  Oh, well.  Anyway, yesterday, I asked … in the ride’s first scene, how many men make up the hunting party that is dead set on “bagging” that mammoth?

Do you (did you) know?  It’s FOUR!  Yes, four very un-photogenic cavemen are teaming up to take down that humongous beast!

Looking back at the results, it was a bit of a split-decision, but you should give yourselves a “high five” nonetheless!  Way to go, my friends!  You pretty-much “bested” me once again.  That’s OK.  I’ll “get” you next time, I’ll bet!

Have a great day!