Menu “Recon”: Min & Bill’s Dockside Diner

Good morning, my friends!  Before we drop by to see Min and Bill, I guess I still owe you an All in WDW Readers’ Top 10 Favorite Disney’s Hollywood Studios Attractions, now don’t I?

Has a family-member or friend ever wanted your expert advice?  Do you often get asked, “We’re going to Disney.  Where should we stay?  What should we do when we get there?  Where should we eat?”

Well, if you’d like to quickly give them an action plan for taking on what’s left of [did I really just say that?] Hollywood Studios, pass along the All in WDW Top 10.  After all, you wrote it!

Without further delay, here it is!  Your Top 10 Favorite Disney’s Hollywood Studios Attractions!

  1. Toy Story Midway Mania!
  2. The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror
  3. Fantasmic!
  4. Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith
  5. The Great Movie Ride
  6. Walt Disney: One Man’s Dream
  7. Muppet*Vision 3D
  8. Star Wars Launch Bay
  9. Star Tours – The Adventures Continue
  10. Symphony in the Stars: A Galactic Spectacular

Great work, folks!  A very worthy list to follow yourself or recommend to a friend!


In the past year or so, rumors have swirled that the Echo Lake area of the Studios is not long for Disney’s world.

It’s easy to believe, isn’t it?  After all, it seems like most of Hollywood is about to go under renovation.  When it comes to Min & Bill’s Dockside Diner, therefore, it’s likely that they, too, would get their “pink slip”.

An “open-air ‘tramp steamer’ eatery that pays homage to the 1931 comedy hit, Min & Bill”, it’s a quaint little Quick Service with, what looks like, a tasty little menu.

Bit of trivia, here … the movie upon which this spot is based “tells the story of dockside innkeeper Min’s tribulations as she tries to protect the innocence of her adopted daughter Nancy, all while loving and fighting with boozy fisherman Bill, who resides at the inn”.

Interesting!  It even garnered the Academy Award for Best Actress!  Way to go, Min!  Let’s take a look at your restaurant, shall we?!





Of course, the “star” of any Hollywood dining hang-out is the food, right?  The morning we passed by, Min and Bill were in the midst of dishing up a standard Disney breakfast …


For us, however, we were more enticed by Min’s lunch and dinner menu …


Before we head out for the day, tell me … what would you order?  I think I’d go very basic and select the Foot-long “Chili” Hot Dog.  The platters seem to be pretty generous, though, don’t they?

Have a great day, my friends!  Happy Saturday!

At Long Last, It’s A Toy’s World!

My friends, in a ‘Walt Disney World’ year of change, it is becoming an All in WDW Readers’ world of change!  For the second straight “tournament”, we have crowned a new “champion”!

Yes, folks, we have.  You see, last month, we kicked off 2016’s run through our favorite attractions when Kilimanjaro Safaris logged a four vote victory over, then, three-time defending champion – Expedition Everest.

This morning, it is a toy’s world as Toy Story Midway Mania! delivers a one-vote victory over another three-time former champ – Tower of Terror.

Toy Story Logo

Toy Story Midway Mania! is the 2016 All in WDW Readers’ Favorite Disney’s Hollywood Studios Attraction!  Long live the toys!

Actually, yesterday’s result looks way closer than it really was.  In fact, if you watched the voting tally, like I did, you’d know that Toy Story leapt off to an early lead and hung on all day and night long.

Let’s look back at a little bit of history, shall we?  In 2015’s finale, Toy Story led the terrible tower all day long, as well, only to lose in the end by two measly votes.

In 2014, it finished eight votes behind the tower and tied for 3rd place.  In 2013, it finished alone in 3rd place and eighteen votes behind the tower’s terror!

Yes, it has been a long, long road for Woody, Buzz, and the gang, in other words.  In 2016, however, they have finally hit the “jackpot”!

Congratulations to the toys for a well-deserved win!  Kudos to you for delivering a phenomenal result!  I’ll say it again … long live the toys!

Roll Out The Red Carpet! It’s A Fabulous Hollywood Finale!

Disney’s Hollywood Studios is drowning in transition.

American Idol – long gone.  Sorcerer’s Hat – vanished.  The Magic of Disney Animation – replaced.  Lights, Motors, Action! and Earful Tower – the next poor unfortunates to be chopped.

Sadly, we've had to say good-bye to The Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights as well!

Sadly, we’ve had to say good-bye to The Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights as well!

Change runs rampant everywhere!  However, in our world – the world of All in WDW – we’ve stumbled on a bit of stability.  Meet Sunset Boulevard!

Better yet, meet our Fabulous Final Four!  Familiar, eh?  They’ve all been “here” before!  I’ll tell Disney one thing, I’d leave the far end of Sunset Boulevard alone if I were you.  Three of our Top 4 favorites live down there!

Yes, my friends.  Below, please give great consideration to this quartet of fantastic attractions – all competing for your admiration!

Which will it be, folks?  Which one of these do you favor?  Which one will become 2016’s All in WDW Readers’ Favorite Disney’s Hollywood Studios Attraction?

Cast your vote!  By tomorrow morning we’ll know which Hollywood “star” reigns supreme!

The Exceptional Eight “Strike Back”?!

Another spirited day of voting, my friends!  Thank you for your support!  Where did yesterday’s activity leave us?  Well, we have a truly “exceptional eight”!

Yes, eight attractions remain.  Eight attractions still have a chance to be “crowned” as the 2016 All in WDW Readers’ Favorite Disney’s Hollywood Studios Attraction!

What was the most surprising outcome of yesterday’s voting?  Uh, well, Star Wars almost got “wiped out”!  Thankfully, Star Wars Launch Bay saved the day!  It’s much more than a glorified gift shop, folks!

No, really.  In a very tough grouping, paired with Fantasmic! and Walt Disney: One Man’s Dream, Star Tours – The Adventures Continue bowed out of the tournament!

Sorcerer Mickey

Only one vote separated Star Tours from One Man’s Dream, but, nonetheless, Disney traditionalists will be glad to see the attraction honoring Walt’s legacy live on to “fight” another day.

Meanwhile, getting NO support at all were Lights, Motors, Action! Extreme Stunt Show, Disney Junior – Live on Stage!, and Jedi Training: Trials of the Temple.

Jedi gets a “pass” for being new.  The end of Lights, Motors, Action! has already been announced.  However, could Disney Junior be next?

Anyway, back to the voting!  I present TWO groups of FOUR below.

You can pick ONE attraction in each group – the one that you would call your favorite of that group’s selection of four.  As always, the Top Two in each group will move on!

Which attraction will win?  Only YOU know!  VOTE!