The Great Big “Toluca Turkey Leg” Debate!

Or, should I say, my friends, welcome to today’s installment of All in WDW’s Quick Service-focused stroll down Hollywood’s Sunset Boulevard – Menu “Recon” – Toluca Legs Turkey Co.!


So, I guess my first question is … why, exactly, are these legs from Toluca?  Anyone?  No?  Too bad.  I would have loved to know how that name got picked.

Toluca sports a very limited menu, of course.


Jumbo Turkey Leg served with or without sides.  Hmm.  If you’re holding a turkey leg, do you really have enough hands for sides?  Well, you can “borrow” one of Eddie and Rosie’s tables, I suppose.

Today’s real question is this … where do you stand on Disney’s infamous turkey legs?  People seem to love ’em or hate ’em.  In which camp are you?!