Imagineering Food & Wine – Scotland

Food & Wine ’13 is right around the corner, my friends, and you know what that means … I’m getting ready to crank up the All in WDW culinary ranking “machine” in order to produce this year’s Pre-Festival Top 25! All I need is a menu. C’mon, Chef Jens! What do you have in store for us?

One thing we do know is that Scotland is joining Epcot’s month-and-a-half long party this year. Personally, I’m very excited to see what Scotland will have to offer.  I’m so excited that I’ve decided to take matters into my own hands and write Chef’s menu for him!

Please cruise over to Kingdom Magic Vacations’ Blog and watch me spend a few minutes trying to out-think Jens Dahlmann and his team of world-class chefs. What will Epcot offer at their Scotland kiosk this Fall? I’ll tell ya’ in “Imagineering Food & Wine – Scotland”.

Then, stop back here or on Reddit, Facebook, or Twitter to tell me what YOU think. Am I on target? Or, am I “out in the weeds”?

Cheers! Bring on F&W ’13!!


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