K.J.’s Food & Wine “Must-Try List”!

Oh, boy!  Mrs. All in WDW and I are exhausted!

First, a 7-hour ride down to Orlando.  Going TO Orlando is always fun, right?

We patiently awaited their arrival, but, then, we enjoyed a 2-day scramble through Food & Wine with our son and his fiancee’.  Wow, they have some energy!

Fortunately, all of that eating and fun was off-set with a weekend jam-packed with Regatta Club relaxation.  We’ve decided that the Yacht Club is our second-most favorite resort.  Did you see the view from our club-level room?

Up early, yesterday, we made a mad dash to the Orlando airport at 6 AM.  The kids had to fly home to Ohio.  How sad!  That airport’s garage is the most whacked-out place to park that we’ve ever visited!

Finally, we practically “sleep-drove” our  7-hour run back to Atlanta.  Sheesh!  I don’t even have the energy to write!

Fortunately, K.J. Simpson of “Plus the Magic” has that covered for today!  You remember K.J., don’t ya’?  She played a key role on the team of readers that finalized the All in WDW Readers’ 2013 Food & Wine Festival Top 25.

This past Monday, K.J. unveiled her Food & Wine “Must-Try List”.  It is her first trip to visit “the festival of all festivals”.  Please take a few minutes to jump over and see what she has to say.  As a former vegetarian, she has a unique view on how she built her menu.

By the way, it was an honor to “lend her” some of All in WDW’s pictures.  Any time, K.J.!

Food & Wine 2013!

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