While We Were Waiting for Food & Wine Menus …

When I presented Epcot’s Food & Wine menus yesterday, I mentioned that I knew they would drop on Thursday.  What “crystal ball” do I own that gave me that insight?  Uh, none.

Yet, you have to give me credit … I did get the menus out earlier than anyone else.  Actually, it was Tables in Wonderland’s fault.  They gave me the key clue that food was nearby.

I got a very informative preview email from them on Wednesday.  As did every other card-holder, of course, but it was a clue, nonetheless.  We’ll talk about that a little bit more in a minute.

Then, I also luckily(?!?) had a bit of insomnia very early Thursday morning.  Mrs. All in WDW and I got up for the day at about 3 AM.  Ugh.

As I checked emails, and such, I happened to pop by WDW’s web site.  There, I found the menus!  Yep, folks.  In the right place at the right time, and the menus got published pronto!

So, what was in that Tables in Wonderland email?  “2014 Food & Wine Festival Pre-Sale Magic”!  In their own words, they ask …

“Counting down the days to the Epcot® International Food & Wine Festival?  Looking forward to International marketplaces featuring tasty tapas-sized dishes and refreshing beverages?  Eager to try your hand at Mixology?  Ready for some Culinary Demonstrations?”

So!  Do you want to know all the details?  What’s up with the classes, the seminars, and the demonstrations?  Mixology?  Really?  There are mixology classes?

Get the details (in pdf files) … as presented by Tables in Wonderland!

Do you want the whole brochure of culinary goodness?  Here it is:

Tables in Wonderland F&W Booklet – 2014

2014 Culinary Demonstrations?  Here they are:  Culinary Demonstrations – 2014

2014 Beverage Seminars?  OK!  Beverage Seminars – 2014

2014 Mixology Seminars?  You bet!  Mixology Seminars – 2014

There!  Now, you have all the details you need to schedule special events.  But, what about the “stars” of the show?  Uh, the food?

Well, keep getting those details right here at All in WDW, my friends!  Over the course of the next two months, we’re going to have a lot of fun “cooking up” our very own menus!

I want some Mongolian Beef!

C’mon, September!  We want some Mongolian Beef!

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