Food & Wine ’14 “Flash Report”: Where’s Puerto Rico?!

For returning to the festival in 2014, the Puerto Rican Marketplace was given a place of honor. Either that, or they are trying to hide it from us!

Hey! We almost missed it! Well, in our defense, it’s not even in World Showcase. Not really.

Are you familiar with the walkway near the Imagination pavilion? The one that connects Future World to World Showcase?

You know, during Flower & Garden it is usually … well, a garden? It often sports a playground for kids?

That’s where they’ve hidden Puerto Rico! Look!




One of the things we noticed this year was that Epcot has NOT listened to their Guests when it comes to adding more tables. There are pockets of empty spaces, all around the showcase, crying out for them, in fact.

Then, we visited Puerto Rico. No absence of tables here!


Finally, it’s safe to say that Disney struggled with finalizing one of this marketplace’s menu items.

First, they started with “Sweet Polenta Fries and a Cheese Fritter with Mayo Ketchup”.

Then, it became “Crispy Fried Potato Balls and Fried Green Plantains with Mayo Ketchup (Tostones)”.

As you can see, they cut that back to include just the Tostones.


My guess is that it was deemed too much to properly execute either of the aforementioned double-dishes.

In the end, I didn’t need Puerto Rico’s green plantains. As I told you yesterday, I was all about their Slow-braised Beef with Puerto Rican-grown Rice. It was delicious!


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