Mmm! Hot Salted Caramel!

Good morning, folks!  Our thanks go out to All in WDW reader Denise Gagne Minear who provides us with this “Dining” Recon for Prost!

You remember Prost!, yes?  I just introduced it to you a few days ago.  Here’s a reminder – their menu …


Well, thanks to Denise, we get to see one of these delights … along with her comments!  Phenomenal picture, by the way!  I love the nutcracker in the background.  Great photography!

Folks, here’s a cup of Hot Salted Caramel!  Take it away, Denise!  And, THANK YOU for your contribution!

“Sure, no problem!  This drink is our family Epcot holiday favorite.  It’s quite rich, so we usually share.  I wish I could recreate this from home!

Hot Salted Caramel

I wanted to also try the Gingersnap S’more (all in the name of research, of course), but they were out!

The service at this booth was very slow both last weekend and this weekend.  Other than that, two big thumbs up for this one!”

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