“Food” & Garden ’15 Flash Report! – Frushi

As you know, I’m not usually into Epcot’s desserts.  Nothing against “Food” & Garden or Food & Wine, mind you.  I just prefer to focus on the festivals’ more-savory “entrees”!

In this case, however, I just couldn’t bear to “make” Dennis Conroy try Hanami‘s salmon sushi.  Raw fish “ain’t his gig”!

Japan’s Frushi, therefore, was a tasty, refreshing, and, yes, “fruity” substitute.  A nice blend of melon, pineapple, strawberry, and coconut (in the rice).

It was quite good, and I have to admit that I now see the attraction.  Good job, Hanami!


4 thoughts on ““Food” & Garden ’15 Flash Report! – Frushi

  1. ahhhh! You need to stop posting all the food from the Flower and Garden. I leave Saturday next week and by the seems of it ALL of my money is to be spent at Epcot on food

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