What Was I Thinking?! The 2015 WDW Fantasy Parks Draft – Round 1!

My friends!  On behalf of WDW Main Street and myself, thank you for all your support, comments, and votes yesterday!  Phenomenal!  Thanks!

After one round, I can tell you this … this whole process is going to be an absolute blast for all of us!  Especially for Doug, Dennis, and I, of course.

As we unveiled the show over the last two days, I had a few of you ask me … “Bob!  What were you thinking?!”

Actually, the requests came in more along the lines of a lot of you simply wanting to know what was going through my mind as I made my selections.

Well.  Here goes …

My first pick was Disney’s Yacht & Beach Club.  Why?  Well, because Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort was gone, of course!

Magical Express

Truthfully, I was pretty sure I would end up with one of those two marquee Deluxes, and I would have been content with either.

Had Doug and Dennis cleaned them both off the board with the draft’s first two picks, I would have chosen …

Spaceship Earth.  Which means I was able to grab something that I would have been willing to take with my first pick … with my second pick!


Great value, as far as I’m concerned.  Great icon for my park, too!

Let’s talk about that for a second.  Most people think Cinderella Castle when the topic of icons comes up.

Mrs. All in WDW and I are unabashed Epcot fans.  You can see Spaceship Earth from nearly everywhere when you travel across property.  It’s our centerpiece.

On the show, I said that my third pick was defensive in nature.  Yes, I took Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort, but it’s not for the reasons you might think.

Coronado Springs

Yes, we love Coronado.  Yes, we love Laguna Bar.

Frankly, with Port Orleans gone, I didn’t want to risk settling on living with Caribbean Beach as my Moderate.  That being the case, I made the pick.

We actually enjoy BoardWalk Inn & Villas – my fourth pick – more than we do the Yacht & Beach Club.

Do you enjoy a stroll on the BoardWalk?

Do you enjoy a stroll on the BoardWalk?

The fact that it brought the BoardWalk, Crescent Lake, and Friendship Boats into my grasp was a huge bonus.

Illuminations was gone.  Like my selection of Coronado Springs, I didn’t want to get stuck with “leftovers”.  Wishes was my fifth choice because I didn’t want Fantasmic.

The remainder of my 1st Round picks were born out a clear-cut strategy.  You picked them!  I consulted the All in WDW Readers’ Top 15 Favorite WDW Attractions!

Therefore, The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror (#1 in your Top 15), Haunted Mansion (#2), Toy Story Midway Mania! (#5), Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith (#6), and Festival of the Lion King (#14) landed in my park!

Thank you, again, for your support, fans!  A lot of you have told me that you can’t wait for Round 2 of this little venture.  Neither can I!

Hey!  Help me out one more time, OK?  What’s your advice?  Where do I go with my next ten picks!  Leave comments and let me know!

2 thoughts on “What Was I Thinking?! The 2015 WDW Fantasy Parks Draft – Round 1!

  1. I’m not sure what you have to pick from, but you need to do something to try to tie what you have together thematically. Otherwise, you’re left with a random set of attractions that are fun, but curious when grouped together.

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