‘Go Your Own Way’! Spaceship Earth TRIVIA Revealed!

Wow!  You really, really are sharp Disney fans!

When I wrote yesterday’s question, I knew that only the Fleet of mind “wood” (would?) be able to knock such a Big Mac caliber of question out of the park!

If you consult ultimateclassicrock.com (did anyone even know that there is such a site?), you’ll find that they rate Fleetwood Mac’s 1977 song – ‘Go Your Own Way’ – as the band’s #1 best song ever.


When you enter Spaceship Earth’s “California” garage, you’ll find that our diligent inventor is a big enough fan of that famous band to have their poster adorning the wall.

But, then, about 30% of you “eagle-eyed” Epcot fans knew that already!  You truly do pay attention to Disney’s details!  Great job!

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