Menu “Recon”: The Hollywood Brown Derby

Hello!  For those of you who took a shoot at yesterday’s baking “brainteaser”, I pass along my congratulations.  Most of you selected the right “recipe”!

The Contemporary Resort’s staff uses 311 lbs. honey, 514 lbs. flour, and 273 eggs in their “Frozen” gingerbread display!  Great work!


You know, it amazes me to see the number of places that holiday gingerbread displays show up in Walt Disney World.  Take The Hollywood Brown Derby, for example.


A small presentation, for sure, it took me a little bit by surprise.  I just wasn’t expecting to see it adorning their lobby.

Of course, I only discovered this “treasure” because I sneaked into the restaurant before opening in order to snap one quick shot of their decor.


A beautiful place with a fantastic menu.  Have you ever taken an opportunity to dine there?  As cliche’ as it might sound, we love the Derby’s famous Cobb Salad.



Served in two portion sizes – $9 as an appetizer and $16 as an entrée – we can’t recommend it highly enough!  But, then, the Beef Short Rib Wellington does catch my eye!

How about you?  What would you order if you stopped by this iconic Hollywood Studios Table Service destination?  Make your selection below!


The Hollywood Brown Derby.  A great place to experience a star-studded and delicious dinner.  Stop by and dine!


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