Rehabilitate? Or, Eliminate? – Mission: Space

When I run this particular feature, I feel like I’m picking on Epcot.  Why?  Well, I have already “targeted” Ellen’s Energy Adventure and all of World Showcase’s movies!

The truth is, with all of the work going on everywhere else in The World, Epcot’s taken a bit of a back seat, in my opinion.  Oh, there’s the Soarin’ refurb, of course, but one has to wonder which of Epcot’s attractions are next!

Take Mission: Space, for instance.  If you ever wanted to be an astronaut, or are simply a big fan of space travel, you probably like the attraction.  Most of the people I talk to, however, despise the ride.


So, what’s this “rehabilitation or elimination” thing all about?  Well, if your new to All in WDW, it goes something like this …

Welcome to the The Walt Disney Company, my friends!  I hope you are enjoying your “career” in Disney’s design and development division – Walt Disney Imagineering!

As you know, WDI is responsible for the creation and construction of Disney theme parks worldwide, and we need your help!

Tap into your creativity.  Imagine that you’re an … Imagineer!  Yes!  In fact, in today’s case, you’re a “re-imagineer”!

Mission: Space.  Should we rehabilitate?  Give it a bit of a facelift, maybe?  Should we eliminate?  Replace it altogether?  Or, should we leave it alone?

Your task, today, is a two-part job.  First, what’s your vote?  Second, if you want to rehabilitate, what do you suggest we do?  If you want to eliminate, what should take its place?  What’s your “Project Plan”?

Leave your comments on this post, on Facebook, or on Twitter, my friends!

This is what we do, folks.  It’s Imagineering.  It’s “Re-Imagineering”!  We need your help!  Now, get to work!

4 thoughts on “Rehabilitate? Or, Eliminate? – Mission: Space

  1. Change the video/simulation, and make the ride a bit more intense. Also they should make it possible to interact more with the video, maybe add a few different scenarios depending with buttons you’re pressing.

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