Who Loves Lobster Rolls?! Who Loves Crew’s Cup Lounge?!

Good Saturday, my friends!  Welcome back to All in WDW!  I know.  Where have I been all week?  Busy, busy, busy.  Sometimes “real” life just plain consumes your days!

Now, I know, by now, you’ve seen my picture of Food & Wine 16’s New England Lobster Roll.  No?  Well, here it is again …

2016's "loaded" Lobster Roll

A relatively small “bite”, like I have in the past, I found it to be “Just OK”.  How can I not love a lobster roll, you ask?

Hey, I’ve many-times claimed, in print and over the “pod-waves”, that I don’t like my lobster served ice cold!  Give me a freshly-cooked, and hot, lobster and some drawn butter.  Then, I’m happy.

In spite of all that, though, I keep sampling different “roll” recipes across Disney property.  It is lobster, after all!



So, enter the Yacht Club’s Crew’s Cup Lounge!  They serve, you guessed it, a New England-style Lobster Roll!



How was it, you ask?  Well, sadly, the pictures make it look a bit bigger than it really was.  I will give the crew, this, though … it was a lot of lobster!  Worth $19.00?  Hmmm.

Served chilled (of course) on a butter-toasted (hot dog-sized) roll with your choice of vegetable orzo salad or chips, I found it to be – don’t hate me – “Just OK”.

We’ve been to Crew’s Cup Lounge many times over the years, my friends.  It’s one of our most-favorite spots.  Truthfully, regardless of the verdict, I’m very glad I tried their lobster.

When it comes to our next visit, however, I’m going to stick with the Cup’s $14 Shaved Beef Sandwich.  Very delicious!  If you want to see a picture of it, click back to this post!

See ya’ real soon, folks!

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