Choose Your “Favorite Animal Kingdom Table Service”! VOTE!

Good morning, my friends!  Happy Monday!  Hey, we haven’t run a Favorites poll in so long, I’m very anxious to get down to business!

But, first!  Have you noticed the subtle changes appearing on the web site?  No?  Well, let me spread some of All in WDW’s fantastic news.

Look at the site’s title and you’ll notice a new tag line.  It’s All in WDW, that’s for sure.  But, now, we’re the “Official Home of the WDW Main Street Podcast”!

It’s true, folks.  The “Disney Summit of the Century” yielded a phenomenal result!  The “Disney Collaboration of the Century”!  In fact, dare I say, it’s a magical merger?

You want your Disney “fix”?  Well, read the stories and see the pictures, right here, on All in WDW!  Then, listen to the WDW Main Street Podcast – “The Official Podcast of All in WDW”!

Welcome to AK!

OK.  So, what are we up to today?  That’s right!  Let’s tackle some table services.  In the first installment of our run through Walt Disney World’s parks, let’s elect the WDW Fans’ Favorite Animal Kingdom Table Service!

Below, I present you with Animal Kingdom’s four sit-down dining options.  VOTE for your favorite!  Of these, where do you want to enjoy your next “Animal-riffic” meal?  VOTE!

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