Le Cellier Merchandise at Northwest Mercantile! … photos provided by John Peters

Good Monday, my friends!  Yes, Monday is here again.  Too bad, isn’t it?  Well, Christmas break is approaching quickly.  I hope you get some well-earned time off.

Let’s see a show of hands.  How many, here, have stepped into the United Kingdom’s Sportsman’s Shoppe in Epcot?  Have you seen all of the Rose & Crown merchandise they offer?

Well, Canada’s Northwest Mercantile is getting into the restaurant merchandise “game”.  Yes, folks.  If you’re a rabid fan of Le Cellier Steakhouse, your prayers have been answered!

Many thanks go out to our podcast partner, John Peters, for supplying this small taste of what Canada has to offer.  Do you love Le Cellier’s filet?  Then, maybe you’ll adore their “merch”!






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