Round 2 is Here! Do Epcot Table Services Rule? VOTE for YOUR Favorites!

Spirited competition yesterday, folks!  Very enthusiastic.  Some front-runners emerged.  And, battles for “2nd Place” went, pretty much, to the wire.

Where did Day #1 leave us?  Well, below, I present two groups of four – our “Excellent Eight”!  Your job?  Same as yesterday.

By the way, today’s seeding was determined, first, by the total votes each of the restaurants earned yesterday.

In addition, I also separated 1st Place finishers from the 2nd Place “also rans” that they beat yesterday in order to foster fresh competition.

That’s as objective as I could be, my friends.  It still yielded tough choices.  But, that’s what this exercise is all about.  Fun … and competition!

Rose & Crown

My friends, VOTE for your favorite in each group.  Keep in mind … please cast TWO votes today!

Like I said yesterday, if you don’t think you can make a choice because you’ve never been to any of the restaurants in question, please reconsider.

If you can’t vote for a “favorite”, then vote for the venue that you’d most like to try.  In the end, your voice counts.  VOTE!

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