What an Exciting Epcot Table Service Finale! VOTE!

Happy Saturday, my friends!  Thanks for all your support the last two days.  Only one more round to go!

You know, you could see it shaping up as the voting unfolded yesterday.  Four standout dining venues powered up for a shot at the title.

Which one will win?  Which one will be named the WDW Fans’ Favorite Epcot Table Service Restaurant?  Personally, I can’t wait to find out!


I present you with the FOUR final restaurants today, folks.  VOTE for your ultimate favorite!

And, hey.  If you can’t vote for a favorite, per se, then vote for the Table Service that you’d like to visit on an upcoming trip.

Whatever you do, though, please VOTE.  Your favorite restaurant needs your support.  Bon appetit, everyone!

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