Wait! Did Someone Say Free Chocolate?

By John Peters

If you’ve been to Disney Springs, you probably know this trick – stop by Ghirardelli and pick up your free sample of chocolate!  You did know that, I hope!  If not, there’s your “tip for the day”!

Anyway, did you realize that during the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival Disney gives away those very same samples in their Festival Center?  Yes, they surely do!

Head over there, folks, and go to the back of the Festival Center.  There’s a small Ghirardelli shop on site.  They pass out the samples!

The coolest part about that place, though, is the dioramas that are on display.  They are all made of chocolate and candy.  Better yet, they mostly feature Disney themes!

This year, Ghirardelli is featuring the likes of Moana, Beauty & the Beast, and Pandora.  It’s a nice, cool way to spend a couple of minutes and grab a taste of great chocolate!  Check it out!

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