Howdy! Get Ready for a Hollywood “Hoe-Down”, Folks!

Oh, you know it!  The All in WDW Readers’ Favorite Hollywood Studios Attraction “tournament” kicks off first thing tomorrow morning.  It’s time to “crown” another champion!

Of course, you might be asking yourself, “Wait a minute!  Does Hollywood even have enough attractions to field a full tournament?”  Hmm.  Excellent question, my friends!

Don’t YOU miss the tower?

Actually, we, here at All in WDW and the WDW Main Street Podcast, teamed up to identify twenty Hollywood attractions and entertainment opportunities.  Twenty!

What are those “terrific twenty”, you ask?  How do we rank them from top to bottom?  Which do we think is going to win the whole “thing”?  Find it all out on our preview show!  Catch it at …

Episode 424 – Seeding the Hollywood Studios Attraction Tournament!

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