Dining Recon: Studio Catering Co. (DFB style!)

Hello, all!  How are you today?  It … is … FRIDAY!!!

I haven’t forgotten about our Food & Wine poll.  In fact, it’s right here!  It’ll stay open for a little while yet because … I just gotta pub this!

If you’re a fan of A.J. Wolfe’s Disney Food Blog, you might have seen it this past Wednesday or Thursday.  They presented me(!) … in “Guest Review: Studio Catering Co. at Disney’s Hollywood Studios!”

Pressed Turkey Club

Yes!  Thank you, A.J.!  Another All in WDW appearance on DFB!

Another?  Yes.  First, A.J. published my “Photo Tour of NEW Hurricane Hanna’s Waterside Bar and Grill at the Yacht and Beach Club Resort”.  Mrs. All in WDW and I even took Hurricane Hanna’s home!  Home?  Huh?

Then, we visited the Coronado Springs Resort’s Pepper Market with “Guest Review: Breakfast (and Creme Brulee French Toast) at Pepper Market in Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort”!

Hey!  You want French Toast?  Pepper Market will give you French Toast!  Check this out!  In fact, Kona Cafe’s Tonga Toast can take a hike as far as we’re concerned!  What?!  Well, here’s why!

This week, A.J. and Disney Food Blog’s Editor, Kim LaPaglia, honored me one more time by publishing “Guest Review: Studio Catering Co. at Disney’s Hollywood Studios”!

I want to extend my sincere thanks to these fantastic ladies.  It’s an honor to find my name in print on DFB.  I’m sincerely proud to be part of your pages!

Now, what do I really think about Studio Catering Co.?  Go check it out!

All in WDW’s Pepper Market on Disney Food Blog!

I received a note from a reader this morning asking, “I noticed that your posts involve food. I didn’t start reading your … website until about a month or two ago. Do you write about other Disney aspects or just food? Just curious.”

My response was, “Great question! Thanks for reaching out. It’s been a lot of food since Food & Wine. And, I have to admit that I do a lot of ‘recons’ on drinking and dining in Disney. Having said that, no, it isn’t all about food.

Now that Food & Wine is over, I’m working my way back to resorts, attractions, and parks. Polls, trivia, etc. Right now, I’m just catching up on …

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Taking Hurricane Hanna’s Home

Good morning, all!

If you missed it, I had the honor of being published by the Disney Food Blog early in February.  My “Photo Tour of NEW Hurricane Hanna’s Waterside Bar and Grill at the Yacht and Beach Club Resort” was my first-ever “Disney Recon”, and the most memorable part of my experience there was one of Hanna’s new dishes – their Seared Tuna.  Click the link to take look!

There have been few dishes I’ve had at WDW that I’ve also been brave enough to try and make myself, and this is one of them.  First of all, I’ve tried to cook tuna a number of times in the past – usually pretty poorly – but I took Hurricane Hanna’s version as a lesson.  The most important learning being – you don’t have to cook the fish into the consistency of a hockey puck.

I have to admit, however, that the most notable component of Hanna’s dish was …

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All in WDW on DFB!

My friends, if you don’t know what DFB is, you should learn right quick.

A.J. Wolfe’s Disney Food Blog is the preeminent Disney-related food web site in the blogosphere and is the fountain of knowledge I consult before I even dream of making an Advanced Dining Reservation (ADR). Moreover, it is my most valuable “go to” resource for planning the annual All in WDW Food & Wine Festival “Pre-Festival Top 25”.

I am very pleased to announce that A.J. and Kim have bestowed upon me the honor of gracing their pages by publishing my Photo Tour of Hurricane Hanna’s on Disney Food Blog! Hurricane Hanna’s has always been one of mine and Mrs. All in WDW’s favorites, and I can’t think of a better way for us to celebrate its rebirth by having a hand in its re-introduction on Disney Food Blog’s pages. Please visit it and bookmark DFB. You won’t be sorry.

My sincere thanks to A.J. and Kim for the honor of letting me into their world!