Re-Booting Hollywood! The Great [BIG] Movie Ride Re-Furb! Trivia Revealed!

So?  How well did you know The Great Movie Ride?  Were my challenges too tough to handle?  Did you pass both “tests” with ease?  Hmm.  Let’s see!

Disney! 035

When it came to the first question, 50% of you “nailed” the correct answer.  As you enter the “gangster-crowded” underworld, you run right smack dab into Patrick J. Ryan’s Bar!  Great job!

Oh, by the way, here’s a nugget for you Cleveland, Ohio residents out there.  Did you notice the option called Jim Stamper’s Pub?  That’s a “throw back” to one of our old hang-outs.

The All in WDW family used to frequent Stamper’s Bar (formerly Stamper’s Grill Pub) when we lived in Fairview Park and Westlake.  It was a great place to visit with family and friends back in the day!

Back to business, though.  How about question #2?

As The Great Movie Ride escorts you past John Wayne, Clint Eastwood, and through the Wild, Wild West, you pass the Cochise County Court House.  That was a tough question.  Only 12% of you got it right!  Sorry.

So, what about this upcoming re-furb?  Will we lose those two scenes?  It doesn’t seem so.

Described in the Orlando Sentinel as “some tweaks”, Disney’s recent agreement with Turner Classic Movies will yield ” … a makeover to the ride’s film-montage finale. It also will install a classic-movie-themed scene in which visitors can have photos taken.”

Plus, according to the Sentinel, “[b]oarding the ride, visitors will see digital displays of movie posters.”

And, “TCM host Robert Osborne will appear in a pre-ride video. Osborne will also provide audio for the ride, including more in-depth explanations of the film genres it explores.”

So, a few days ago, why did I refer to us having taken our “last trip” down The Great Movie Ride’s memory lane?  Well, the “[c]hanges should happen by Spring.”  Spring?  You mean, like this Spring?  Wow!

Frankly, this might or might not have been our last ride, but we wanted to make sure we got to experience the attraction as it is one last time before it gets changed.  Mission accomplished!

Disney! 036