Food & Wine ’13 Flash Report! – Chocolate Belgian Waffle

We ran into this delicious treat this afternoon. Sarah couldn’t resist.

In her words, the waffle had great flavor and was nice and crunchy. Although the dish wasn’t spectacular in its originality, it was quite tasty.


Food & Wine ’13 Flash Report! – Salsiccia

Another very dark shot. Sorry.

Joseph and Sarah loved, loved, loved it. Like I expected, for me, it was “Just OK”.

Frankly, I think I can get Italian Sausage at our local church carnival.


Food & Wine ’13 Flash Report! – Shrimp Ceviche

We actually sampled this one last night. I hate the pictures. Was too dark to take decent shots.

Joseph said it made him think of something like a shrimp salsa. Then, I thought, ‘Hey! I make a pretty good salsa! I’ll add some shrimp!’ Well try it when we return to The ATL.

Oh! It was very refreshing, by the way!



Food & Wine ’13 Flash Report! – Escargots

I told you that someone had escargot on his mind.

I learned, this morning, that Joseph wasn’t leaving Epcot without these little babies.

He’s been eating snails since Grade School. Yuck!