Food & Wine ’15? A Parting Shot!

Good morning, my friends!  One last festival blast coming your way!  Food & Wine never lets go of me!

Actually, I was able to slip in one last trip to World Showcase a week or so back.  Previous to that, however, I hadn’t been back to sample Epcot’s festival cuisine since Opening Weekend!

Hey!  It has been a busy few months!

Photo Nov 08, 9 57 01 AM

Anyway, I learned a couple of things this time around.  First … I’m definitely not a fan of smoked salmon.  Even if it is Scotland’s Fresh Potato Pancake with Scottish Smoked Salmon.

Photo Nov 08, 12 09 52 PM

Oh, I had tried smoked salmon many times in the past.  I guess it is the texture of the fish that I don’t like.  I’m going to have to stay away in the future.

I also discovered that, as much as I complain about Germany, they always find a way to draw me back in.  Take their Roast Bratwurst in a Pretzel Roll, for example.

Photo Nov 08, 11 31 32 AM

Yes, folks.  I defied my sensibilities and sampled the brat.  I’ll never learn my lesson, I guess.

You know what?  A tzatziki martini featuring cucumber vodka and yogurt liqueur is very tasty and refreshing.  I stopped by Greece to sample this delight.

Photo Nov 08, 11 07 02 AM

Finally, New Zealand’s Lamb Meatball is definitely Food & Wine’s “champion” dish.

Photo Nov 08, 11 17 23 AM

Not to be cheated out of enjoying my favorite item one last time, and to hold me over until next year, I “doubled-down” on the lamb.  Yum!

See ya' in 2016, Food & Wine!

See ya’ in 2016, Food & Wine!