Captivated By Disney’s Quinoa Salad!

I know.  I know.  In yesterday’s “peanut butter post”, I said that “my Food & Wine coverage might be, more or less, done for 2016”.  Well, it is.  Sort of.

I just can’t get Epcot’s Quinoa Salad out of my head!  You remember it, right?  How could you not?  I raved and raved about it with, just about, every post I published!

Served by Patagonia, that salad helped carry their Roasted Verlasso Salmon to the top of the 2016 All in WDW Food & Wine Festival FINAL Top 20!  It finished in 2nd place!


Anyway, I really can’t get it off my mind.  So much so that I had to try making it for myself!  How’d I do that?  Well, I referred to Disney for instruction!

This year’s “The Best of Epcot Festivals Cookbook” is the second such festival-focused book I’ve purchased over the years.


Including such recipes as “Food” & Garden’s Watermelon Salad and Shrimp and Stone-Ground Grits, as well as Food & Wine favorites like Ireland’s Seafood Fisherman’s Pie, it includes a bunch of 2016’s dishes.

Enter the quinoa.  I wasn’t quite in the mood for salmon this weekend, but I did have a craving for quinoa.  A little bit of food prep later, let me unveil Bob’s Cajun-Seasoned Shrimp over Quinoa Salad!

Before adding the shrimp.

Before adding the shrimp.

Completed dish!

Completed dish!

The verdict, my friends?  Mrs. All in WDW gave it two “thumbs up”!

Myself?  The salad dressing’s recipe calls for a generous helping of olive oil.  Frankly, the next time I make the dish, I’m going to dial that back a bit.  Otherwise?  It was quite delicious!

Recommendation?  If you get to Food & Wine, buy the cookbook.  It includes most of Epcot’s most popular dishes.  Wouldn’t it be great to enjoy the festivals’ delicious food at home?  You bet!