Which Marvel Avenger are YOU?!

Good MORNING, Disney fans!  How are you on this fine Monday?  Are your busy weekends finally over?

What a weekend it was!  We’re having great weather down here in the Deep South.  Atlanta is bursting with activities.  How is the early Summer by you?

If you were busy this weekend, here’s what you missed …

On Saturday, I got the chance to experience the best of Southern cuisine at the 12th annual Atlanta Food & Wine Festival.  The food was great.  The crowds were crazy.  Stop back and take a look at all the pics!

We also voted for our favorite Marvel Avenger.  If you didn’t get your chance, click the link a few words back and name your favorite.

For now, my man, is winning by an ever-slim margin.  Yeah, that’s right.  Iron Man rocks!

Man Anime

And, if that’s not enough, check out this next bit. While I was surfing the ‘net this weekend, I found this link … “Which character from ‘The Avengers’ are you?”

It only takes a few minutes to play, but it’s pretty fun.  Which Avenger character do you share the most personality traits with?  I took the challenge.

Despite my admiration for one particular character (uh, see the picture above), I answered the questions fairly and honestly.  I promise.  I was rewarded.  The quiz tells me …

“You are full of bravado, even though you’re secretly vulnerable.  You are snarky and quick-witted and sometimes that can rub people the wrong way.  However, you can also be counted on to back up your friends when it matters.  You’re easy to love and hate, often in the same moment.”

Just like Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron Man, it declares!  Yeah, Iron Man!  Please come back and tell us … which Marvel Avenger are YOU?!

Enough is enough! Call The Avengers!

What?!  Wait a minute!  Hey, look.  I know I’ve pummeled you with Table Services and Food & Wine, but we love Disney food, don’t we?

In order to get me completely off the topic of WDW cuisine, I decided to go as far away from food as I could.  I’m calling in The Avengers!

The Avengers

Now, can they keep me from hitting you with (Atlanta) Food & Wine pictures later today?  Hmm.  Probably not!

Follow me here on All in WDW, on Twitter, or on Facebook if you want to see the FOOD!  Until then … folks, I have one question for ya’!  Who’s your favorite Avenger?

I think you already know mine.  It’s Iron Man, NO doubts whatsoever!  Of course, Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow does run a pretty close second.  😉

“Who” Invaded Epcot?

Are you “Who-vians”, by chance?  What?  Every once in a while, I go off on a tangent, eh?

For instance, a few months ago, I waxed nostalgic about Iron Man.  Or, leading up to this year’s baseball season, I presented a brief tour of the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex while also attempting to marry my love of WDW with fantasy baseball.

How about this?  It’s almost time for football season to start.  I’m sure you’re going to start getting references to the best football team on a planet very soon – Manchester United!  Hah!  You thought I was going to say Cleveland Browns or Atlanta Falcons, weren’t you?  United opens up their 2013-14 English Premier League season tomorrow against a little club based in the south of  Wales called Swansea City.  Go, United!

And, finally there is the “Who”-niverse.  Outside of the television blockbuster “Game of Thrones”, Doctor Who is one of the last shows remaining that my son and I still try to find time to watch together.  For example, back before our moves away from Cleveland, every Wednesday night used to be “Lost” night.  It was sort of fitting when that show ended its run about a month before he moved to school and two months before I moved to Georgia.  We got to watch the finale together.

But, I digress … again.

If you haven’t seen it yet, Doctor Who has “invaded” Epcot in an epic way.  Are you familiar with the Sportsman’s Shoppe in the World Showcase’s U.K. pavilion?  I love to stop in there to check out … you guessed it – all of the Manchester United gear.  Well, when I dropped by for a visit a few weeks ago, I got a pleasant surprise.  Likely related to the fact that The Doctor will be celebrating his 50th Anniversary later this year, the “shoppe” has been transformed into a “shrine” to Who!  Take a look and remember … bow ties are cool!

Matt Smith ... the current Doctor.

Matt Smith … the current Doctor.

Learn from The Doctor!

Learn from The Doctor!

The Eleven Doctors.

The eleven Doctors.



Daleks are made to exterminate!

Daleks are made to exterminate!

Daleks drink coffee?

Daleks drink coffee?

Can you figure out how they tick?!

Can you figure out how they tick?!

Matt Smith will be leaving the show later this year.  I'll miss him in the role.

Matt Smith will be leaving the show later this year. I’ll miss him in the role.

Stay away from statues.

Stay away from statues.

The Tardis exploded?

The Tardis exploded?

Yes.  Keep calm.

Keep calm.

Yes, Doctor.  Bow ties ARE cool!

Yes, Doctor. Bow ties ARE cool!

“I am Iron Man!”

“I am Iron Man!”

OK, so, no, I’m not Iron Man. I think it’s only fitting, though, that today’s post begins with the opening lyrics penned by lead singer Ozzy Osbourne of the English, heavy-metal rock band, Black Sabbath, and his colleagues. Why? Because, today, Iron Man returns!!

Poster 3

Iron Man Returns!

I don’t usually make a big deal out of movie openings and the like on All in WDW, preferring to deal out massive doses of WDW-specific content, but I had to make an exception today. Iron Man 3 hits the theaters today, May 3rd, and it makes me very sad.

Sad? Why? Well, let me explain.

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