Disney “Mug-o-Mania”!

All this talk about Starbucks’ new WDW “You Are Here Collection” coffee cups has fans far-and-wide wound up into a mug-related frenzy.  You’ve seen them, I’m sure.

Starbucks Mugs

Well, I was recently on a social media site whose Disney forum had spun into a string of posts that could only be described as Disney “Mug-o-Mania”!  On major steroids!

Fans from all over the world were posting pictures of their mugs.  Mugs were displayed by the pairs … and, by the DOZENS!  Uh, yes.  Dozens!  To see is to believe!

Tons of Mugs

Anyway, this put me to thinking.  What are my favorite Disney mugs?  Well, I don’t have a collection, per se, but I do have some favorites.  For example, refillable mugs come and go, but resort mugs are hard to find.

Photo Jan 26, 5 23 00 AM

Photo Jan 26, 5 23 08 AM

Coronado Springs, of course!

Mrs. All in WDW and I got these two beauties, this past Christmas, from a long-time friend of ours – a colleague of mine from work …

Photo Jan 25, 6 37 16 PM

What a friend!  Now, she knows how much we love Walt Disney World!  What a great gift!

How about you?  Do you have a Disney mug collection?  Do you have your favorite mug for enjoying your morning “cup-o-joe”?  Post a picture!  We want to see it!

Reply to All in WDW on Twitter or on Facebook.  Let’s see your mugs!


Mug(ged) in Disney … The Real Story!

Over the course of the last few months, you’ve seen All in WDW (and many other web sites, I suspect) post report after report about Disney’s new refillable resort mug program. Now, the true story has been unveiled.

I have pointed you in A.J. Wolfe’s direction a number of times in the last nine months. A.J.’s Disney Food Blog is the blog-o-sphere’s pre-eminent view on dining at Disney’s parks.  If you’re a Disney “foodie”, you should have a link to A.J.’s site at the top of your list of bookmarks.

Anyway, a few days ago, the Disney Food Blog presented “Rapid Fill Refillable Mugs for Walt Disney World Resorts Now in Use” and unveiled the “real story”. Where are the mugs being used? How do they work? How much do they cost? Visit A.J. at the link above, and she and her team will get you up to speed!

As always, A.J., great work!


Bye-bye, old mugs!

P.S.  We absolutely LOVE this picture.  I have seen it used in a number of places in the “Disney-verse”, and it always makes me chuckle.  Why?  The cushy-looking, taupe background is actually a chair in our living room.  This was the pic I used for my original post named “Mug(ged) in Disney?”  Hah!  Our little chair is an Internet sensation!

Mug(ged) in Disney … Again?

Back on January 14th, I published “Mug(ged) in Disney?”.  It was my ‘tongue-in-cheek titled’ look at Disney refillable mugs and is still the ‘second-most read’ post in All in WDW’s short history.  Today, exactly six months later – to the day – I’m back for another round.  It’s Disney’s fault, I assure you.

In short, the question we asked, earlier this year, was, “How can anyone justify spending $15.49 on a coffee cup?”  Now, it’s, “You want us to pay what?!”

Well, according to recent reports like this one on MouseSavers.com, as of this month, “Disney resorts will be rolling out …

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