Dining Recon: Beaches and Cream Soda Shop – The Return!

This is the week for revisiting some of All in WDW’s “best and brightest”, I guess.

First, with Disney’s announcement that they will soon be introducing a new refillable, RFID-based mug program called ‘Rapid Fill’, we paid a return visit to the second-most read article in the site’s young life – “Mug(ged) in Disney?”.  The result, “Mug(ged) in Disney … Again?” is now THE most-read post in our history.

Today, we take a trip back to Beaches and Cream Soda Shop!

All in WDW’s “Dining Recon”, from back in February, started the week as our fourth-most read post ever.  Well, we’re back!  Back for another burger and fries, that is!

Beaches and Cream’s menu recently under-went …

… a minor ‘refurb’.  What’s new?  What’s different?  Click this link to Kingdom Magic Vacations’ Blog, and I’ll give you the ‘whole scoop’!  Hey, I’ll even give you the ‘Kitchen Sink’!  LOL

Let’s eat!


If you can’t handle the “Kitchen Sink”, try the “No Way Jose”! It’s delicious!

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