Menu Update: Beaches & Cream Soda Shop!

Good morning, my friends!  How have you been?  It has been a very busy week, let me tell you.  But, we’re back, and we’re ready to dive into more of WDW’s cuisine!

Hey!  Here’s a spoiler for you … some Food & Wine “fun and games” might be in our very near future!  Please stay tuned!  If you’re a Food & Wine Festival fan, you’ll have a blast!

In meantime, let’s make a quick visit to the Beach Club Resort’s infamous ice cream shop – Beaches & Cream Soda Shop!


Served with cheddar cheese, lettuce, and tomato on a freshly-baked bun, Beaches & Cream’s iconic Angus Beef Burger is generally recognized as the best burger on Disney property!

Beef Burger

I’ve had it … back in 2013.  Check out this post for a full review!  At the time, it was served as a Bacon Angus Beef Burger, however.  It definitely was a delicious burger!

At a 2013 price of $13.99, though, a lot of readers told me that they felt it was way overpriced … for a simple burger.  Well, jump forward three years, folks.



Beaches’ current “recipe” omits the bacon … and, now, costs $16.00!  Wow!  Talk about an expensive burger!  It better be phenomenal!

So, my question for you is this … where do you stand with regard to this much-talked-about delight?

Respond to the poll, below, and let us know!  Does Beaches’ burger get a “thumbs up”?  Or, would you take a “pass”?

Another Satisfied All in WDW “Customer”?

Oh, OK.  You’re right.  I don’t have “customers”.  I have Disney friends.  So, how about I name this post, “Another Satisfied Disney Guest?”

I bet this happens to you too, but I get asked for WDW advice … a lot.  I mean, I’m the guy that friends, family, and co-workers walk up to and say, “Hey! We were thinking about going to Disney.  Where should we go?  What should we do?  What is it going to cost?  When should we go?”

Yikes!  Where do I start?

Anyway, do you remember the question I fielded a few weeks ago?  Fantasy baseball expert, Joel Henard, was heading to Major League Baseball’s Winter Meetings as a camera man for Bleacher Report, and he asked, “How can I get to the Dolphin?”

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Dining Recon: Beaches and Cream Soda Shop – The Return!

This is the week for revisiting some of All in WDW’s “best and brightest”, I guess.

First, with Disney’s announcement that they will soon be introducing a new refillable, RFID-based mug program called ‘Rapid Fill’, we paid a return visit to the second-most read article in the site’s young life – “Mug(ged) in Disney?”.  The result, “Mug(ged) in Disney … Again?” is now THE most-read post in our history.

Today, we take a trip back to Beaches and Cream Soda Shop!

All in WDW’s “Dining Recon”, from back in February, started the week as our fourth-most read post ever.  Well, we’re back!  Back for another burger and fries, that is!

Beaches and Cream’s menu recently under-went …

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Dining Recon: Beaches and Cream Soda Shop

Earlier this week, as we charged through the voting to elect the All in WDW Readers’ Favorite Crescent Lake Table Service Restaurant, I kept thinking about that burger.  What burger?  If you’ve been to Beaches and Cream Soda Shop, you know which one I mean.  You see, back in January, Mrs. All in WDW and I experienced our first-ever dinner at the Beach Club’s “much ballyhooed” ice cream joint, and we loved it!

Prior to this, I honestly felt that the best burger in Disney lived at …

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