Food & Wine ’14 “Flash Report”: CraB’less CraB Cake

Yeah, I know.  This one wasn’t in my Pre-Festival Top 25.  It wasn’t even one of my Honorable Mentions.  To be truthful, this one is Doug’s fault.

You know Doug Davis.  He’s the host of the WDW Magical Main Street Memories Podcast.

Well, he challenged his partner, Dennis Conroy, and I to try something at Food & Wine that we’d typically NOT buy and eat.  For me, a “crab-less” crabcake seemed a likely candidate.

Let me leave it at this … it wasn’t the worst thing I ate this weekend.  China’s duck has that distinction.

But, seriously, the pepper slaw was quite refreshing and nice.  The remoulade was tasty and spicy.  And, the “crab” wasn’t horrible.

Would I have it as a meal?  No.  Would I sample it for a friend?  Sure.


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