“Food” & Garden Outdoor Kitchen Menus – FULL List of Links!

It’s hard to believe that Epcot’s 2015 “Food” & Garden festival still has fifty (50) days to run!  50!  Almost two whole months!


The “party” runs through May 17th.  In other words, there’s plenty of time to slip down to Orlando, my friends.

For a quick “one stop” reference, bookmark this page.  It’ll launch you to every “Food” & Garden menu worthy of note.  Plan your menus, folks!  Enjoy the food!

Jardin de Fiestas (Mexico)

Lotus House (China)

Florida Fresh

Primavera Kitchen (Italy)

The Smokehouse (American Adventure)

Hanami (Japan)

Taste of Marrakesh (Morocco)

Botanas Botánico

Fleur de Lys (France)

Pineapple Promenade

Urban Farm Eats

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