Four Formidable Foes – The Finale! – VOTE for YOUR Favorite WDW Attraction!

Welcome back, Disney fans!  If you celebrated yesterday, I hope you had a great Easter.  Family.  Friends.  A whole enjoyable day!

You know, this is the first time I have ever run the Favorite WDW Attraction “tournament” while I am literally in Walt Disney World.  It allows me to post pictures like this …


Oh, yeah, I did.  I took on Mr. Yeti twice yesterday.  In rapid succession!  I’m telling you something, he’s got a great roller coaster.

That backwards “curving around in the dark” bit, however?  That’s starting to “do me in” as I get older.  Especially if I ride the train twice in ten minutes!  I guess you could say that the snowman scored an Easter Sunday win over me!

Will he win today, however?  Hmmm.  Now, that’s the big, BIG question.

Four formidable foes, my friends.  Which one of these epic experiences do you think should claim the title of All in WDW Readers’ Favorite WDW Attraction?!  Go ahead and cast your VOTE!


Then, check out this quartet of cast-offs!  It’s yet another Consolation “bracket”, fans.  In this one, you’re deciding which attractions will slot in at #5 to #8 in our soon-to-be-revealed Walt Disney World Top 15!

Go ahead, everyone … VOTE!  Tell your friends!  Get them to vote too!  After all, it’s the finale of finales!  Everyone should vote!

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