Speed, Thrills, Trivia and Polls! What’re Your Opinions?! VOTE!

First things first.  Readers’ from far and wide chased after me yesterday.  Those that did wanted desperately to know the answer to yesterday’s trivia question.

Well, here it is …

  1. Test Track – 65 mph
  2. Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster – 57
  3. Expedition Everest – 50
  4. Space Mountain – 27

So, that would mean that Group B was the correct response to Saturday’s trivia challenge!  But, then, you already knew that, didn’t you?  Almost 60% of you did, at least!  Great job!


You know, yesterday’s question got me to thinking.

If you remember, I commented that, “Not all of us love Walt Disney World’s wildest and most-daring of attractions, but, let’s face it – they’re very popular.”

They are very popular … but, do we really like them just the way they are?  Let’s put on our “Imagineering” hats, my friends, and see what we’d do with these four WDW “gems”!

Test Track.  Old vs. new.  A lot of people prefer the “old” version of Test Track as opposed to the new.  How about you?  If you were “Imagineer” for a day, would you …


Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster.  This is one of my most-favorite attractions on property, but even I can see the need for a small bit of “Spring Cleaning”.  What do you think?


Expedition Everest.  Yo, Yeti!  Wake up!  Wake up, Yeti!  What the ….


Space Mountain.  Wikipedia lists this iconic coaster at a mere 27 mph, but Mrs. All in WDW and I think it’s the wildest and worst of any thrill ride we’ve ever experienced.  If it were us, we’d “calm it down”.  You?

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