Something BIG is Coming! What Would Be YOUR First Selection?

And, it’s coming really soon!  Uh, sometime tomorrow, in fact!  A first-time ever event!  A collaboration never seen before!

The 2015 WDW Fantasy Draft!

Brought to you by All in WDW and, over the airwaves, by the WDW Main Street Podcast, it will be a spectacle like no other!  Three fantasy parks!  One winner!

All on Mainstreet

Follow along with us this Summer as we assemble our ultimate, and yet-to-be-named, “WDW” theme parks!

The contest includes Main Street’s Doug Davis and Dennis Conroy as well as yours truly.  Whose fantasy park will reign supreme?  You’ll decide!

How will it work, you ask?  We’ll each draft …

  • 23 Attractions!
  • 4 Resorts (2 Deluxe, 1 Moderate, and 1 Value) complete with all their restaurants and other amenities!
  • 22 Park Restaurants (either table or counter service)!
  • 10 Shops!
  • 1 Fireworks Spectacular!

In other words, we’re each going to build fantasy parks inclusive of sixty (60) attributes chosen from among the very best of Walt Disney World!

The first 10-round installment of WDW Main Street displaying this extravaganza will drop tomorrow, my friends!  What will be the very-first pick?!  What is worthy of the Number One overall selection?

The draft order is this …

  1. Doug Davis
  2. Dennis Conroy
  3. Bob Sikon

Fans, on Thursday, you’ll get your very-first chance to give us your “grades”.  It’ll be your first chance to vote!  After 10 rounds of selections, which of our three parks is shaping up the best!  Hey!  You tell us!

Tomorrow’s the BIG day!  See you then!

In the meantime, if YOU had the first pick in the draft, what would YOU take?  Leave a comment and let us know!

5 thoughts on “Something BIG is Coming! What Would Be YOUR First Selection?

  1. I would have picked the Poly first. This was a great show. I was yelling out loud at some if the picks. Thinking that someone could have gotten that in a later round. Just like real fantasy. I may need help!!! Can’t wait for the next 10 picks.

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