Butterfinger Cupcake Sighting!

Leave it to Mrs. All in WDW to dig up hidden treasure in the most unexpected of places!  Starbucks!

I had just raced through Hollywood Studios in quest of a ride on Aerosmith’s outrageously outstanding roller coaster when I got this text …


Ever the sleuth, she got someone at The Trolley Car Cafe to spill the truth.  Take it away, my dear …

“They can’t call them Butterfinger Cupcakes, but they are.  They cost $4.59, and you can even use your Starbucks card to buy one!”  Great work, Mrs. All in WDW!

Doug Davis, Dennis Conroy, and I had just discussed this on my last appearance on the WDW Main Street Podcast.

Here’s our answer, guys.  No, we don’t have to buy a coffee at Trolley Car only to, then, have to carry it over to Starring Rolls in order to acquire WDW’s most-delicious cupcake!

Bon appetit, everyone!


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