Butterfinger Cupcake Sighting!

Leave it to Mrs. All in WDW to dig up hidden treasure in the most unexpected of places!  Starbucks!

I had just raced through Hollywood Studios in quest of a ride on Aerosmith’s outrageously outstanding roller coaster when I got this text …


Ever the sleuth, she got someone at The Trolley Car Cafe to spill the truth.  Take it away, my dear …

“They can’t call them Butterfinger Cupcakes, but they are.  They cost $4.59, and you can even use your Starbucks card to buy one!”  Great work, Mrs. All in WDW!

Doug Davis, Dennis Conroy, and I had just discussed this on my last appearance on the WDW Main Street Podcast.

Here’s our answer, guys.  No, we don’t have to buy a coffee at Trolley Car only to, then, have to carry it over to Starring Rolls in order to acquire WDW’s most-delicious cupcake!

Bon appetit, everyone!


Take a Trolley into Tuesday! Dining Recon: The Trolley Car Café!

I don’t know about you folks, but it’s early Tuesday morning, and I can surely use a nice, hot cup of “joe”.  From Starbucks!

Whenever Mrs. All in WDW and I pay an early-morning visit to Epcot, our first stop is the Fountain View.  Mmmm.  Coffee.  Starbucks coffee.  I know.  Not everyone is a ‘bucks fan.

Well, this past weekend, we got our chance to take our first look at Disney’s Hollywood Studios’ answer to great java – The Trolley Car Café!  Yay!

Find it at the corner of Hollywood & Vine …







Nothing fancy for us … just plain, old Pike Place Roast.  Accompanied by a Bacon, Egg, and Gouda Artisan Sandwich, it was a nice, little breakfast!  Yum!


Nicely themed, and not overly crowded, we’ll make this our initial stop every time we visit WDW’s “disappearing” Hollywood haven.  You love Starbuck’s?  This is your spot!





There’s Never Enough Starbucks … Is There?!

Starbucks!  Starbucks! Starbucks!  Come on, there’s never enough Starbucks, is there?!

I know a few of you aren’t sold, but I’m surrounded by family, friends, and fans who love the fact that Starbucks has “invaded” Walt Disney World.  Yes, even in my own house!

A few weeks ago, I reported that Hollywood Studios was working on constructing The Trolley Car Café – the park’s “soon-to-be-opened” Starbucks location – at the corner of Hollywood and Vine.

Do you remember that “Dining” Recon?  No?  Oh, please stop back and check it out!  Anyway, back then, here were the construction walls!


Great news!  Last Saturday night, I discovered that those walls are down.  Well, sort of.  Enough of them are gone to see the front of the new establishment and its signage.  See?

Let us in, Starbucks!

Let us in, Starbucks!

The Trolley Car Cafe!

The Trolley Car Cafe!  The sign’s not lit yet, but we’ll be drinking “joe” here soon, I’ll bet!

Photo Jan 03, 7 43 36 PM

Can’t wait to see the menu that will fill this box!

My apologies for the relatively poor pictures, my friends.  It was about 8:00 PM when I shot these, and lighting was not at its best.  That’s OK, though.  I’m sure the coffee will be outstanding!

Coming soon!  Another delicious caffeine fix!  Yay!