WDW Main Street – Episode #328 – Our Weekly News … a.k.a “Ranting about Express Transportation”!

Join Doug, John, and I as we recap Walt Disney World’s weekly news.  Amongst other things, we chat about …

VIP tours, DisneyQuest, Blizzard Beach, Cosmic Ray’s Cafe, Starring Rolls, Brown Derby, Trattoria al Forno, Captain’s Grille, colorful new trams, Paddlefish, and, most of all, “Food” & Garden!

Find the Butterfinger Cupcake at The Trolley Car Café, folks!

Find the Butterfinger Cupcake at The Trolley Car Café, folks!

In addition, you’ve spoken up and told us how you feel about WDW’s Express Transportation Option … as well as the potential “demise” of the Grand Floridian Resort.  Want to know how we react to the results?  To find out, listen to …

WDW Main Street – Episode #328 – Our Weekly News … a.k.a “Ranting about Express Transportation”!

Butterfinger Cupcake Sighting!

Leave it to Mrs. All in WDW to dig up hidden treasure in the most unexpected of places!  Starbucks!

I had just raced through Hollywood Studios in quest of a ride on Aerosmith’s outrageously outstanding roller coaster when I got this text …


Ever the sleuth, she got someone at The Trolley Car Cafe to spill the truth.  Take it away, my dear …

“They can’t call them Butterfinger Cupcakes, but they are.  They cost $4.59, and you can even use your Starbucks card to buy one!”  Great work, Mrs. All in WDW!

Doug Davis, Dennis Conroy, and I had just discussed this on my last appearance on the WDW Main Street Podcast.

Here’s our answer, guys.  No, we don’t have to buy a coffee at Trolley Car only to, then, have to carry it over to Starring Rolls in order to acquire WDW’s most-delicious cupcake!

Bon appetit, everyone!


Hmm. Bufferfinger Cupcakes in an ATM?!

Not necessarily Disney-related, but … if you think about it, it very well could be!

Imagine!  We’re in Walt Disney World!  Go ahead … close your eyes and let your mind run free!

How’d you like to have a Starring Rolls Butterfinger Cupcake at your “beck and call”?  An “ATM” just loaded with them?  Oh, yeah!

Mmmm.  Butterfinger.

Mmmm. Butterfinger.

Sprinkles Cupcakes opened up this little “gem” of a contraption in Atlanta some time ago.  Located in the Buckhead district’s Lenox Square Mall, it is chock full o’ delicious-ness!



The process is easy.  Order on the touch screen and pay by credit card.


Wait for the little door to open …



… and grab your “cake”!




Now … tell me you wouldn’t like to see this in Disney.  In Hollywood Studios.  In your resort.  Anywhere!  Oh, yeah, you would!

Bon appetit!

Four Parks, One World? Four Parks, ONE Day!

In case you missed all of last Saturday’s “shenanigans”.  Here it is … all in ONE place.

We woke up with a challenge on our minds.  We had never tried to tackle all four WDW parks in one day.

So, we sketched out a very loosely-defined plan and took off for the TTC.  A tram ride from the Simba section and a shivering journey on a ferry later, we were in “The Kingdom”!

Here are those links …

The only thing we haven’t shared, as yet, is our “brunch” at Gaston’s Tavern.  That will come soon.  It was our first visit … other than a serving of LeFou’s Brew some time ago.

After we returned from “orbit”, it was time to …

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