“Live” and “On the Air”! All in WDW Talks Food & Wine ’15!

Good morning, Food & Wine fanatics!  Are you ready to eat?  Yes?  Then, let’s go!

In honor of my appearance on today’s episode of the WDW Main Street Podcast, this goes out to one of its hosts – my friend, Dennis Conroy!

Listen to it here! All in WDW talks Food & Wine on WDW Main Street!

A marketplace that Epcot didn’t invite back to the party this year is the Terra Kiosk.  Dedicated to those who prefer a vegan diet, I have a feeling it will be missed more than Disney realizes.

In 2014, Terra served World Showcase’s guests a CraB’less CraB Cake.  Hmmm.  CraB’less?  Well, it was a vegan booth, after all.


Anyway, if you closely follow either All in WDW or WDW Main Street, you know that the show’s other participant, Doug Davis, ever the instigator, challenged Dennis and I to try Terra’s “not so” crabby patty.

Challenge accepted!  The pepper slaw was quite refreshing.  The remoulade was spicy.  And, the “crab” wasn’t horrible!

But, back to Dennis.  Doug and I have been pretty tough on our very good friend.  Oh, Dennis knows that our teasing has been in jest, of course, but he did not ‘taste the cake’.

Hey, he feels very badly that he missed out on Terra’s creation.  He really does!  Sadly, he won’t be able to find redemption in 2015.  Or, will he?

Just for you, Dennis, I pass along Epcot’s own recipe.  Culled from their festival cookbook, I present you with the keys to living your dream!  Now, you can make and enjoy your own CraB’less CraB Cake!

Listen to the show, my friends!  What are you looking forward to eating in 2015?  Let us know!  Bon appetit!


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