Carving Through Food & Wine ’15! The Voting Begins!

Let’s see a show of hands.  Who remembers last year’s Food & Wine “frolics”?  I’ll give you a hint … you did a lot of salivating and a lot of voting!

Oh, I see that quite a few of you are still out there!  Thanks for sticking with us … and, thanks for coming back this year!

Now, how many of you are new to All in WDW’s obsession with Food & Wine?  Nice to meet ya’!  Thanks for hopping on board!  You’re going to have a blast with this little “game”.

All of you, welcome!  Welcome to the 3rd Annual All in WDW Readers’ Food & Wine Pre-Festival Top 25!

What is this, you ask?

Well, to organize my attack on Food & Wine, I carve Epcot’s monumental list of entrees down to the 25 dishes that I feel I will like.  In addition, before I head off to Orlando, I rank them in the numerical order in which I think I will like them!

Patagonia's Roasted Verlasso Salmon finished at #4 on my 2014 Final Top 25!

Patagonia’s Roasted Verlasso Salmon finished at #4 on my 2014 Final Top 25!

Why do I do this?  Fans, I simply can’t eat that much!  And, have you seen Disney’s prices?  I certainly can’t afford to buy everything that Epcot’s ‘food fest’ has to offer!  Call my Top 25 the construction of my own personal festival menu!

Listen to it here!  All in WDW talks 2015 Food & Wine on WDW Main Street!

So, what job do I have in mind for you?  If you please, we’re going to construct your Food & Wine Pre-Festival Top 25!  And, we’re going to do it “All in WDW style” … by way of polls!  You did it last year … let’s do it again!

It’s easy!  You know what you like.  Are you going to pick Grilled Shrimp if you don’t like shellfish?  Will you choose a Belgian Waffle if your alternative is one of your personal favorites … Ravioli?

Let’s have some fun making those selections in this – the “1st Round” of voting!  Across 27 Food & Wine Marketplaces, 65 entrees and 16 desserts are “in play”.

Of this delicious 81 delights, which 25 will become your Pre-Festival “target list”?  Which will be included in the 2015 All in WDW Readers’ Food & Wine Pre-Festival Top 25?!

So, here’s how it works … I present two groups below.  You can vote for up to FOUR dishes in each group!  In other words, please cast up to EIGHT votes today!  The Top 4 in each group will progress forward in our selection process!

Bon appetit!

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