More “Readers’ Food & Wine Pre-Festival Top 25”? You Bet! VOTING Continues!

Good morning, folks!  Would you like to take on one more “first round” blast of Food & Wine voting today?  Yes?  You’re ready to eat?  Great!  Epcot’s almost ready to serve!

In our crusade to write the 3rd Annual Readers’ Food & Wine Pre-Festival Top 25, we’ve left 18 of World Showcase’s best “on the table”, my friends.  Let’s cut that list down to the 8 remaining dishes that will move on in this year’s voting.

Who doesn't love a rum-soaked Dole Whip?

Let me ask you this, my friends. Who doesn’t love a rum-soaked Dole Whip?

So, here’s how it works … I present two groups below.  You can vote for up to FOUR dishes in each group!  In other words, please cast up to EIGHT votes today!  The Top 4 in each group will stay in “the hunt”!  Easy, right?  Get to it!  VOTE!


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