Readers’ Pre-Festival Top 25? Round 2 Voting is Open!

Good morning, foodies!  I bet I know what a lot of you were up to yesterday!  Tailgate parties!  College football.  Did your school win?

Then, of course, comes tomorrow.  If you’re in the U.S., I hope you get to enjoy a delicious Labor Day barbecue!  Steaks, ribs, burgers, and “dogs”!

Just thinking about it has me hungry!

In fact, I’m so hungry that I decided today would be a phenomenal day to jump back into Epcot’s 2015 Food & Wine extravaganza!


The voting today is going too be pretty straightforward, my friends.  I present THREE groups below.  You get to VOTE for THREE dishes in each group.

Once the votes are tallied, only the bottom TWO items in each group WILL NOT claim a place in the 3rd Annual Reader’s Pre-Festival Top 25!

Simple, eh?  Vote for 3!  Discard the rest.  After three more days of “eating”, the Top 25 will be set!  We’re almost there, my friends!  So, VOTE!

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